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04-26-2006, 04:48 AM
420 Genetics - Strain Guide is fully loaded with over 1038 Strains plus 100 Breeders. If there is a breeder I left out or a strain for a listed breeder, post a link and I will add it.

If you dont know how it works, here is an easy way of searching for a strain.

Click the Breeder Link (http://www.420genetics.com/forum/strainguide.php?do=category) -> Find the breeder for the strain -> Click Strain Guides.
you will see all strains listed for that breeder.

Right now there is very few strain reports (9), so that option will get very little use. So help it grow by adding a report :bongdude:

Click Here (http://420genetics.com/forum/strainguide.php) to view the Strain Guide.

you can also find strain guides in the download section Here (http://www.420genetics.com/forum/downloads.php)