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03-03-2007, 05:46 AM
Submit a Pic for the Home Page. Can be Old / New. (Only Your Work)

Garden Shots, Bud Shots, Plant, Whatever, submit as many as you like.

Sorry No Prize but your pic will be on the Front Page. :icon_smil

03-03-2007, 06:03 AM
Romulan Twins
Romulan / MT
Mind Boggling Thai

03-07-2007, 12:05 AM
1.SourBubble Bx3 Day 63 12/12......2-4 Black Indica Day 58 12/12....

Peace <<SHAH>>

03-07-2007, 01:55 AM
Here is a pic of Blue Buddha sized up with a slipper

and beside it is a SDV3 you can also see it in the mirror the battiers in the cam were low so the pic is blurry a bit sorry.http://420genetics.com/gallery/files/8/6/5/DSCF0003_thumb.jpg (http://420genetics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=2988)

03-07-2007, 10:01 PM
nl @ 9 weeks

03-08-2007, 09:47 AM
ok lets see if these work, this should be some fresh cut dragons breath at day72.:animbong: :animbong: :animbong:

03-08-2007, 03:29 PM
yep looks like DB,,, is that a seed i see in the first pic nwf?????heres a pic of my last DB.http://420genetics.com/gallery/files/2/0/IMG00003_846471_thumb.jpg (http://420genetics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=2625)http://420genetics.com/gallery/files/2/0/IMG00004_thumb.jpg (http://420genetics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=2627)

03-08-2007, 03:44 PM
On the top rightthere Newf? Might be a petole sticking out, can't really tell. Tough choices so far. I like the DB and the BI. Peace

03-08-2007, 07:27 PM
hmm now ya got me lookin, but nope its just a burnt leaf tip that i missed clippin out. no seeds from any of the DB ladies yet. did use the DB male to make a few though, but not in this round of ladies. this has a real nice orange rind smell to it wheni was trimmin. and yeah Newf i know that pic, it was all those buds as big as keyboards shots that made me wanna try the DB to begin with, nice work guys!:thumbsup:

:animbong: :animbong: :animbong:

03-08-2007, 07:31 PM
cool, i heard from others about seeds in the DB,, i didnt get any either bro,,, nice buds:thumbsup:

03-10-2007, 06:00 AM
here's a couple... :smoke:


03-15-2007, 06:07 AM

Fresh Start

03-17-2007, 05:33 AM
36 days flower

second pic looks like i got some purpeling going on :):eek:

03-18-2007, 05:27 PM
1. RS bottom up

2. RS bud harvested

3. Boggy Haze

03-21-2007, 05:07 AM
ok heres a few more budshots for this month.

enjoy :bonghits: :bonghits:

http://420genetics.com/gallery/files/8/2/9/P3160203_thumb.jpg (http://420genetics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3112)http://420genetics.com/gallery/files/8/2/9/ssg49c_thumb.jpg (http://420genetics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3138)http://420genetics.com/gallery/files/8/2/9/ssg49a_thumb.jpg (http://420genetics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3136)

03-21-2007, 10:21 PM
can i put a pic.in for the bud of the month

03-23-2007, 04:48 AM
can i put a pic.in for the bud of the month
Yep ..... Still have a few more days :blaze:

Some Great Pics This Month! :drool:

03-23-2007, 06:37 PM
...Hats off to fishman for supplyin' the bean for this beauty of an AK-47...my entry for March botm...and just for the record...March 31st is me birthday...nudge nudge wink wink...lol...:bongdude:


...Thanks for yer' votes in advance...lol...muhahahahahaha...ain't it fun...

...blendin' n' sendin'...:thumbsup:


03-24-2007, 09:02 AM
ok its that time so i gotta throw a few more pics up here. some sensistar x guido at about 51 days, enjoy.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :animbong: :animbong: :animbong:

http://420genetics.com/gallery/files/8/2/9/ssg51_thumb.jpg (http://420genetics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3187)http://420genetics.com/gallery/files/8/2/9/ssg51a_thumb.jpg (http://420genetics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3188)

04-01-2007, 06:22 AM
ok last few shots for the month, enjoy. :bonghits: :bonghits:

http://420genetics.com/gallery/files/8/2/9/ssg1n2_thumb.jpg (http://420genetics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3253)http://420genetics.com/gallery/files/8/2/9/ssg1_939233_thumb.jpg (http://420genetics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3254)http://420genetics.com/gallery/files/8/2/9/ssg1b_thumb.jpg (http://420genetics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3255)http://420genetics.com/gallery/files/8/2/9/ssg2_134849_thumb.jpg (http://420genetics.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=3256)

:bonghits: :bonghits:

Mary Jane
04-01-2007, 06:25 PM
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Wow, the competition is getting harder and harder every month! You guys are rockin! This month though I am going with Mr. WakenBakes! His plants looks terriffic and the sample smokes were even better! I am so looking forward to seeing what these girls will look like on chop down day! And I am really excited that we will actually have some quality smoke here soon! Way to go baby and goodluck! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


04-01-2007, 06:53 PM
Likes them all but thekingof420 got my vote :thumbsup:

04-01-2007, 07:40 PM
alot of great pics this month...I had to give it up for WGs boggyhaze. The pic looks awesome :)

trillions of atoms
04-02-2007, 02:33 AM

04-02-2007, 06:56 PM
I had to go with Newf, just because I love NL and that is one big tight bud!!!!! Weedgirl was a VERY close second, but if I remeber, she won last month, so that made the decision a little easier

04-02-2007, 11:44 PM
You got my vote Newf :thumbsup:

BUT....I think you are all winners !!!

Enjoy the fruits of your gardens :blazed: :blazed:


04-03-2007, 12:43 AM
i went with kingsof420. although newfs NL looks mighty tasty.

04-03-2007, 10:17 PM
well its between the king and nwf fast for me,, these two stick out imo,,, ill go with nwf,, cause of the frosting,,, good job all around guys and gals

seeing my b day is in april,, ill put up a prize for april contest.......;)

04-03-2007, 11:31 PM
Thanks everyone for the votes.. :bigthumbs ...Wow its close.... Heres some pics of the Sourbubblebx3 dried and cured for 3weeks....I know they dont count...But whatever I figured Id post them anyways....

Peace <<KING>>

04-03-2007, 11:40 PM
nice looking bud too king. hows it smoke bro?

04-05-2007, 01:42 AM
The SourBubble is farely potent..We only let the trichs go 20% amber so Im sure theres more in there....Im a pretty heavy smokers so I smoked the sat as a day time and the indica at night..The Indica was a little more couchlock and a bit spacey.....But quite a few people couldnt handle it... :blazed: This one guy passed out while we were standing there talking to him.... I saw his eyes roll into the back of his head... It was pretty fucked up...... :oops: ... But I dont know I didnt get THAT retarded... We got two phenos a Indica dom and a Sativa dom... The Sativa dom is definitely the better of the two.. It has a very fresh Sweet lemon skunk smell and lemonhashy taste..... The Indica smells more deep.. Earthy hash sorta smell... taste is very similar to the smell..Kinda earthy but with a grapey undertone.....Both really greasy plants .... We did a grow/smoke report over at BCBD..... The only problem with them is the dont bush very well so it hard to get long enough branches to clone.... they also take on avg 10 days to start to root.. O well what can you do..... We cut a couple clones of the 2 mothers we have so we will see if they root...... :icon_smil
Peace <<KING>>

The first two are the Sativa dom...... Second two Indica dom

04-05-2007, 02:22 AM
nice bro,,, i can see us trading clones,, opps,, i guess were not ALLOWED to do that :lmao::dont know:

04-05-2007, 03:01 PM
*TheKingsOf420* got my vote! Nice buds all around this month...tough choice!

Keep up the great work guys!! :icon_smil :thumbsup:

04-05-2007, 05:27 PM
420- those cured buds look killer. Nice work!!!!! Peace

04-05-2007, 06:04 PM
Thanks Weedgrl and Grass... I love taking pics.... we dont have anything flowering yet so I guess April will be a wash but June the bud porn should start rolling in again...

Haha yea NewF to bad..... :joint: I wish the BlackIndica had as much flavor as the Sourbubble... Cause if it did it would probably the better strain..... We're gonna try some crosses this summer with BI #F and #E to try to get some flavor into F and more potency into E.... We were thinking on selfing one and then using the pollen to seed the other... Feminized Blackindica and hopefully the smell from E comes through with the potency of F...

Anyways Thanks again everyone for their vote.....

Peace <<KING>>

04-05-2007, 06:38 PM
...the only vote you can muster up for such a fine specimen is yer' own...

...guess I'll just have to go have me a good cry...:plant:


...ewe all know I's still love ya' though...even though you forgot me like a long lost step-child...I'll survive...and then some...so don't ya' worry 'bout a thing...:bongdude:

...blendin' n' sendin'...:icon_smil


04-06-2007, 01:45 AM
Sorry about that Daze, I liked Wg's myself,but I think there was really stiff competition this month :thumbsup:

04-06-2007, 08:14 PM
...or May Day...may day...may day...

...well...I hope to run the table in either of those two months...back with proof from da' puddin' real soon...c'mon 4/20...c'mon...lol...: pipe:

...blendin' n' sendin'...:pics: soon


04-07-2007, 11:49 PM
:welldone: *TheKingsof420* :thumbsup:

Excellent Work! :word:

04-07-2007, 11:52 PM
Thanks everyone.. :thumbsup: ... Which pic won??? I like them all soo.... :tibs:

Peace <<KING>>

04-08-2007, 12:04 AM
You can choose the pic you want but I liked the 2nd shot. :blaze:

Click Here (http://www.420genetics.com) :icon_smil

04-08-2007, 05:56 AM
No thats perfect... Thats the one we woulda picked... Its the best pheno we got with the BI.... The web

Peace <<TKO420>>

04-08-2007, 06:19 AM
Congrats Kings...damn fine crop you got there!