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06-13-2011, 12:26 PM
ok so i did an little experiment with my cloner most growers here will have this info i did aswell but i like trying things for yourself is the best way of learning!: pipe:

okk so wat i tryed to figure out is rooting speeds and health of clone while rooting while using diff ways cutting the clone so wat i did is i took 6 clones from the same plant and all with a 45 cut!

but 2 i scraped the oputer layer of the stem tip only
2 i only 45ed
2 i scared by cutting slits into the tip
They all ran on the same water just plain phed water with a very little bloom (GHE) 2.5ml per ten litre

here were my results after 10 days:
45ed only
the one cutting had one or two small roots and the other none:eek: but still the cutting is growing in the cloner very slowly but growing with no roots its very strange and the leaves didn't even yellow just maybe a little lighter green than the mother but thats wat makes aerocloning so awsome!

outer layer scraped off:
these rooted a bit faster but made these thin almost like spiderweb type roots
these clones also grew nicely in the cloner but also at slow pace! altho the leaves stayed much more green and these clones grew a little more than the 45ed only clones!

Scared clones!
These rooted the fastes after 7 days they were ready to be planted out they had these fat white roots that grew long and was actually dangleing in the water at the bottem of my cloner i left them in the cloner for the full ten days the same as the others by day ten these clones had grown to more than double their size and all the leaves stayed green healthy and it almost seemed as if the roots could drasticly increase their length like over night!

It was very interesting to see how the roots developed and how different from each other they would root from diff techniques! it just goes to show how something very simple and small can make such an differance

i will suggest scaring the stem with cuts to anyone now and wont do it any otherway! i did take pics and will post em up i just dont have a clue where i put the memory stick with em on! lol i stoner brain!
well i hope this helps someone i had fun doing it!

06-13-2011, 07:33 PM
NIce thread buddy !! I did the same thing and got about the same results the scaring worked the best imo .... I even tryed one with a straight cut no 45 and it did root but it was the last one to get them ... again I think this will help a few people nice job !! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

06-14-2011, 07:49 AM
thanx no problem!