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Homemade Ice Hash
Grow Guide: Homemade Ice Hash Category: Hash & Resin Extraction
Author: BelowMe Post Date: 05-13-2006
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Ok kiddo's, here goes.
What you need-3 jars,a 1/4gal, a 1/2gal, and a 1gal, a permanent coffee filter, a blender, some ice, an oz or more of trim or crushed bud, and a smoking device for smoke breaks.

i used the lid full of trim on the left for this demo. about an oz split into three runs.
use the 1/4gal jar to put the dried trim in and crush with spoon, then put into freezer for 5 min. then take a blender and fill half full of ice and the rest cold water. blend, and pour into the 1/2gal jar, add chilled trim and it should look like this. even parts of each. slightly more cold water.

notice the jar on the right with the first two runs.
now shake vigorously for 5 min and put mix into freezer for a few min. DONT FREEZE MIX!!! remove and shake again. put on counter and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes.

the leafy material and the ice will float to the top, and the trikes will fall to the bottom.
dont ground up your trim too fine or results will be green and flakey. dont disturb bottom layer, NO MOLESTE!!!
after the trikes settle, you now need to remove layer of leaf and ice.
use the permanent coffee filter to strain the wet leaf back into jar, and set aside.
now use the filter to strain remaining water into the 1gal jar, and repeat.
let strained mix settle and youll notice a white layer of yummy goodness at the bottom.

once youve filled the 1gal jar, let sit till remaining trikes settle.
now you need to drain the brown water from the jar. i use aquarium air hose to siphon into another container. airline is small and reduces the chance of stirring up the trikes. if you stir them up, just wait till they settle again. drain all but the last 1/4" of water.
now is the tricky part. how to soak up the remaining water???
i use a super absorbing cloth wrapped in a papertowel, and soak up the water.
what your left with is a gooey glob of heaven.

spoon out and set on glass plate or mirror to dry.

i like to chop it up for quicker drying.

i always make hash at nite so it has overnite to dry completely.
cut the corner from a baggy and fill.

notice the light brown almost blonde color. if its green it wont press and smokes harsh.
wrap baggy and put under something heavy for a half hour. break into four pieces, and press again. i use my safe to press.

i love to make hash this way. i got 6grams from an oz of trim. the blondest hashish ive ever smoked.
this stuff is strictly for experienced psychonauts only!!!
Thank you Soma.

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