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Everclear Tarball Recipe
Grow Guide: Everclear Tarball Recipe Category: Hash & Resin Extraction
Author: Merman Post Date: 07-02-2006
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Making 'hash oil' using Everclear 170 proof... Here's my recipe after researching in various Hash and Oil threads:


1/4 oz. - the Herb [bud or trimming, 1/4 oz., more for trimmings]
1 Pint - Everclear 170-190 proof (mo' proof is better)


1 - Tupperware container
2 - Rectangular Pyrex baking dishes, one to fit inside the other
1 - Food Processor
2 - Coffee filters

Shred the Herb finely... scrape every little bit out with a rubber spatula and place into tupperware. Add Everclear and shake, shake, shake your booty for 2 minutes. Strain liquid through coffee filter into smaller Pyrex. Put the Herb and the same Everclear back into the tupperware and shake for one more minute, then strain again through another clean filter. Fire up the stove and set up the baking dishes like a double boiler, one inside the other. The big one should already have some hot (very slight simmer, not boiling) water in it. VENTILATE THE ROOM (Everclear is flamable! Think bananas foster). Simmer away the alchohol (takes a little while... fire one up!) Take your time, if you smell the oil burning (usually on the sides), the dish is getting too hot, scrape down to the bottom or turn the heat down. You're left with an oil slick for your scraping pleasure.
Mine usually turns into more of a sticky tarball than actual oil... I think you need to use a more powerful solvent like butane to get real oil. Anyway, it'll get you ripped!

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