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Collecting Pollen The Easy Way
Grow Guide: Collecting Pollen The Easy Way Category: Breeding
Author: trillions of atoms Post Date: 05-06-2007
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This is the most cut throat easy way to collect pollen with out contaminating a whole crop....making sure to seperate male plants totally and wash clothes and body before re-entering the grow site after removing males and collecting said pollen.

I seperate the males after choosing quality parentage....wait till the bannanas start to spit open before they drop pollen.

Then i cut the tip off thats has the most mature banannas and either stick it in a plastic bac like a small ziplock (leaving it open for the stem to dry and not catch condensation from the drying stem) or similar container that will fit the branch nicely.

The next few days the stem will dry up (humidity determins how fast they dry)and the banannas will open dropping pollen in the bag.

and your done!!

- You can use rice to absorb the excess water to help keep the sperm viable or silica gel packets That you get out of medicine containers. rice works for me (uncooked of course)

Either like that or one other way thats a little more complicated:

Cut the branches off that are fixing to open,

Fold a piece of paper in half length ways then open it back up....

Lay the stalk with bannanas directly on the paper and wait a few days with no fan around-

The stem will dry dropping pollen onto paper directly,

Then pick the stems up tapping gently to remove any remaining pollen off the bannanas on said branch

Then fold the piece of paper back in half with a little opening on one end and tap the pollen off the paper while tilting the paper on one end into a plastic bag or film canister with rice in it (the rice acts as a decantir absorbing any remaing moisture as water kills pollen) and thats it for collecting the pollen.

Dip small paint brush into bags and then dust the lower branches (b-c buds) of the plants you want to keep genetics from.

In 2-3 weeks the seeds will be mature....they will either fall out of the pods or you can see the catylaxes starting to split. after that time expires simply take an object and peel one side of a catylax where yo see a seed maturing back.

If the seed is a light/darker tan colored with darker coloered stripes and zigzags you know they are fully mature.

As long as no seeds you pull out are white, yellow, pale or hallow then your doing good!

Let seeds dry (age) for at least a week or two before planting, to be on the safe side.

Simple as that!

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