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Rockwool Method
Grow Guide: Rockwool Method Category: Propogation & Germinating
Author: Blowstrees Post Date: 03-17-2007
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hey everybody, sorry i know this might be a little late. but i figured it would be useful for some of our hydro gardeners to have a method of germing seeds in rockwool cubes. hope you like it

1) Start off with the tools you will need. You will need rockwool cubes, a sharp point tool like a pencil or in my case a small scissor, a bowl, and of course your seeds.

2) First step, soak your rockwool cubes in water. In my case a find my seeds germ better with a super light mix (5ml per gal) of Liquid Karma. Using PH adjusted water between 5.5 and 6.5 will work just fine. i like to leave them soaking for about 20 minutes or so.

3) Have your seeds seperated and ready to go.

4) After your cubes are done soaking, take them out and put them onto your tray. Use your sharp tool to open up the holes.

5) Drop your seed in. Make sure not to put it down to far. about a half inch to 1 inch is good IMO. Remember the seed only has a certain amount of "fuel" to get it above ground. If its to far down, it wont have enough energy to break the surface or wont know which way is up.

6) Now its time to close the hole. take yoru sharp tool again and carefuly close the top of the hole. just scrape the fibers of the rockwool over and it will cover it nicely.

7) Congrats! Now place your babies under some lights and they should pop within 3 to 9 days.

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