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Well...I'm back from the dead with a new lease of life! The 3 plants you see in the pics before finished nicely...I dont remember the exact yield but it was in the region of just under 2OZ. Then I proceeded to take clones from my mums and fuck them up big style with neglect. I was going through a bit of a tough time. So basically I got some crappy fluffy buds last time round and destroyed my Sadhu mums...I decided that rather than try to save the sadhus i would just kill off the strain and start over. I also grew out the jamaican Sunshine..not very well i may add but we managed to get about a half oscar off her. We didn't really like the high too much though (its still a great strain though...potent and hardy and smells wonderfull) and it wasn't such good relief for my fiancee's chronic pain so we aren't going to keep these genetics. We decided to go with some lowrider 2's for this grow so we bought 10 and they went into soil 16 days ago. I will show pics and update in a new thread.

To the guy who asked about the phenos on the two Sadhu's they were very similar in appearance as are most Sadhus (not much variance in size and shape in this strain) But from what I notice some plants are stickier, more fruity and more potent so yes it was different phenos. I am definately going to be buying another bag...the mandala genetics are top notch.
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