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Yes it was trippy psychedelic experience which we both quite like but we both found it very difficult to focus on one thing...very scatter brained experience...stupid feeling a bit like being drunk but we were both happy, we didnt feel like uncomfortable or paranoid or anything.... a very good experience but just not what we are after.The Sadhu was also a very trippy plant but more able to focus on whatever I am doing rather than having thoughts all over the place like the JS. The JS is pretty good for sex though lol. Oh and the GF had to smoke an awful lot to use it a relief for her chronic pain unlike the sadhu. She describes it like "it doesnt put up a wall to the pain like the Sadhu, just makes the pain a bit easier to handle because the brain spins so much you forget it sometimes" The Sadhu took her pain almost completely nad when she smoked it every day she rarely had trouble.

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