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here are some pics im guessing i am around 4 weeks into flower. i wish i waited till the buds got bigger to polly it just seems i will not get many seeds from each plant. but if i want i can always make lots of F2s of whatever cross if i wanted. i just let it happen naturally once the male opened i just let it fly. i am thinking that the buds would have been bigger for the polly if they were under proper light. cause the buds were small when pollinated so far it looks like 50-100 seeds per plant unless the bud bulks up and forms more seeds. 50-100 seeds is what i got off 1 lower branch last time i made seeds.
but oh well it was this or shut down till fall. sucks i could not clone the female WD x DC it has a great growth pattern but very little side growth to clone so i am gonna re-veg it. there very close nodes all the way up looks like it could make 1 big cola under some good light and with a bigger pot. i managed to get 3 clones off the OD s1 there small so wee will see might have to do some re-vegging there.

Fall last grow of 2011

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