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here are some more pics not much has changed except the calyx's are getting fat from the seeds. some plants are lightly seeded and some are loaded. i am only expecting maybe 50-100 seeds from each plant. because the buds were small when they got pollinated. last time i pollied good sized puffs of white hairs and i got maybe 500+ just from 4 lower branches on a plant. i used a Q-Tip to rub the pollen onto the 4 side shoots and about 2 hours later i sprayed them down good with water to wash away any extra pollen and put them back into the room with the rest of the plants.
i got maybe 1 or 2 seeds in the main cola but nothing serious. but this time i will at least have enough to make some lots and lots of F2's if the strain shows signs of being a keeper and i can selectively inbreed it for any traits i seem to like about the strain/pheno.
first off the is the group of the seeded plants i have some lights off due to heat in both my tents. and the other pics are of the seeded buds and a couple full plant shots.

Fall last grow of 2011

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