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i got 2 people testing my new crosses. Mcfarmer has all 7 crosses popping he will be putting up pics once things are established, and my buddy popped 3 Deep Blu Diesel and got all of them growing. 2 are very strong and vigorous and one is lagging behind there about 2 weeks old. they were started under a 70w HPS but he switched to a Fluro 2400 lumens even tho it is allot less lumens then the 70w but the plants are growing better under the Fluro guess its the blue spectrum. here are some pics of mine then his mine were started a week or two before his but they have been off to the side so they have not done much growing now i got a light rite on them and there starting to grow better.
Pic# 1 are mine it a mix of all the crosses but there not labeled.
the rest are my buddy's his really reminds me of the WD x DC

Fall last grow of 2011

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