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Harvesting, Curing & Processing Discuss Different Methods Here!

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Old 11-02-2007, 05:45 AM
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Default My 2 Cents on Harvesting

Some one posted a question about how soon u can sample ur buds n how to cure them ... SO i felt this might reach a few more people here who find it usefull and a fun read ... Soo here goes

I have grown for many years and run many many different types of strains .. I find that Harvesting around day 53 - 56 to give the best high and taste on more strains than not .By the way I do not Grow any major Sativas Which take Easily 9 wks With some folks preferring the 12 wk flowering time .
I personally cant stare at a plant flowering for more than 8 full wks ...
The first 2 wks of flower for Mj ladies consist of the start n will give u an idea as to how the finished stature will look .
At 4 Weeks flower , ur plant is in HIGH GEAR if u are keeping it in good health , You shouldnt be pulling buds off yet as The THC levels are virtually non existant except on the cpl very first calyxes to appear ,, meaning literally no potency and a lesser than desirable flavor ... If u cant wait the 7 - 10 wks for flower n pull buds early chances are they wont get an adequate drying and cure time neither . Which also will give u a false reading on how ur Herb is coming along .. at the Very soonest , try a popcorn piece Sundried at the end of wk 5 , I had taken one of these with me on my 1 yr anniversary in case i ran low and Left it dry in my dashboard compartment n it was wonderful with not to overpowering high .. I however Reccomend letting weed grow at least 6 - 7 full wks before taking anything off even to sample ... Good things take Time " Weed Including " ...
The thc levels for most indica strains are starting to peak after 45 days , by 55 most have become prime . and after 65 days Peak potency can actually decrease in many strains
Now for Drying 3 KEY ELEMENTS MINIMIZE LIGHT AND HEAT SOURCES , And The proper amount of airflow takes trial n error to Dry the herb fast enough that it doesnt Smell like grass but Doesnt dry out too quickly .. I typically let heavy buds sit out about 6 - 8 days .. once the stem starts snapping on a few buds i drop them in jars and open a few times a day for a few minutes each time to let the moisture dissipate . When the herb on the bottom of the jar snaps at the stem under medium pressure You know the Bud is good For Canning .. NOW every time u open the jar u are going to Slightly degrade ur weed , SOo keep ur smoking stash n ur storing stash seperate , With ur stored Herb in a dark , Dry , Cool area .... For Longest shelf life Aka usually about 4 yrs give or take .. . Also the chlorophyl u mentiond Breaks down as the herb has died n cures ,, this giving a much smoother hit on the lungs , that we all love .
Hope this Helps
Froggy Aka X erb HO
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