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Harvesting, Curing & Processing Discuss Different Methods Here!

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Old 03-10-2013, 08:40 PM
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mj Curing

Seems to me as lots of people hasnīt really understood the meaning of curing the weed. It has to be done the days right after youīve cut the plant, otherwise it "dies" and canīt be cured accurately.
The meaning of curing is keeping the conditions in such a way that the plant keeps on living in some meanings, like the metabolic rate and it does some last actions during their last 72 hours that makes it both more potent and taste better.

When I say keep the conditions in such a way, I mean a dark, about 18 - 20 celsius, 45 - 60 % water in the air and good ventilation both directly at the plants, like a fan, and at least okay ventilation in an out of the space. You can hang dry them there, or use a rack or something. I usually do a rough cut directly after Iīve cut the plant, then cure it for at least 72 hours (the time the plant is able to stay "alive" afterwards, further curing isnīt curing, itīs just drying). After the cure I manicure them more seriously and then I use the good old in and out of jar method. This is for the drying but its still important that itīs done right because it alters the taste as the plant material changes in depth...

Usually I think three days of curing is enough, as the plant canīt keep going any longer seems unecessary, and four or five days of drying afterwards is enough for at least a sample, BUT if you keep doing the jar it gets better for weeks. Thatīs because thereīs terpenes and other such oils thatīs created a long time after the harvest. And besides that the Clorophyl breaks down so the taste becomes better and better. Weed peaks at about 50 days after harvest, so most people better get a big yeild or they wonīt experience that better weed. So remember that if you got the time - USE IT AND DON`T HURRY.

And donīt do it the old way - which seems to be to first kill the plant with really low humidity (lower than 40 % for a longer time risks that the plant dies before the whole curing is done) and then after some days "cure" it the jar way...

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