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Introduce Yourself Tell Us A Bit About You And Your Grow

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Old 03-10-2013, 07:04 AM
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Default Hi! New user - new problem.

I have for a time now searched for a good cb forum where I can speak to like minded about the various problems that can appear when growing. Cause Iīm pretty new at this but Iīm really trying hard. Got some nice equipment with a good setup and Iīve read like 4 books on the subject and still got questions. But thatīs mainly because the book doesnīt always add up, especially the older ones. Itīs important that a good book today is at least from 2010. I think Ed Rosenthal is the single best book but I wouldnīt say no to a more scientific approach with the same rigorous test procedures. If anyone got a suggestion on such a book please tell me. And not just another grow book, even if itīs good. It has to be advanced!

Well, a quick introduction. Smoked for about 13 years and been growing for only half a year. Took all my vacations savings and used on a setup. I got two tents and one room for curing, where oneīs 90 x 90 and oneīs 120 x 120. In the 90 tent thereīs a 400 W HPS, a 200 W LED (3W diods) and a 100 W UV-lamp. Besides that thereīs of course all the regular equipment such as cooltube, carbonfilter, air moistener and so on. Even got a ozon generator to feel comfortable with having the grow at home. No smell at all is a must! The 120 tent have got the exact same besides some bigger fans, lights (600 W, + 200 LED + 100 UV) and so on.

In the room for curing thereīs only a wood "pipe" hanging from wall to wall and an air moistener with a hygrostat which is a must for curing. Thereīs also a fan.
I got a tendencie to grow small plants by some reason. Thatīs the main reason i joined this forum. I mainly use 11 L mediums so that shouldnīt be a problem. Have no idea why but even my Think Differents didnīt give any good yeild and thatīs like that strains main thing. Seymore got 362 out of one. I get like 20 a plant and I even use Co2...

Any questions?
Iīm thinking about making a thread about my just started grow. But if Iīve taken the photos for the diary from my iPhone - then you can read the location for the photograph or am I all wrong now?
Well, ttīs only been up for a couple of weeks and is a nice mix of Automazar, Autoblueberry, Think Different and Speed +. Grows like hell, itīs more or less a jungle in the big tent!

So far Iīve tried to grow Think Different, Speed +, Exodus Cheese, Ladyburn 1947, Super Lemon Haze, Greenomatic and probably some more. Out of these the Exodus Cheese is a clear winner with Ladyburn (Jack Herer + Ice Cream) as a close follow up. Havenīt grown any autos thatīs been in that range of quality. I thought the Think Different was going to be but it simply wasnīt. As the summer is coming the time for autoflowering stops for my part because of problems with the heat. Much easier to have 12/12 then 20/4. I really hope that Autoblueberry or Automazar are far better than Think Different (which I didnīt think was THAT good after all). I know Speed+ is. If I donīt get a new favorite, which I hopefully do, then I will go for Exodus Cheese, Ladyburn 1947 and the infamous Thutankamun (itīs crazy that a THC contest can have that great impact!).

Now - may the gods be with me as I see this growing project as my first of full capacity. Before Iīve more or less just tried to learn and havenīt filled the tents at all by some stupid reason. So the yeilds havenīt been too good. Last gave about 250 which is totally unacceptable when you got 1600 W lights and loads of space and an according to me perfect climate.

Best regards and wish you a nice blazing sunday!

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Old 03-10-2013, 08:18 AM
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And by the way - how do you change your name? Donīt tell me I have to make a completely new nick registered on a new mail? That would suck!

I just realised that Iīm semi known for this name in some parts of where I live. Very stupid out of me!
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Old 03-10-2013, 04:51 PM
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Welcome to .................420 Genetics

Send me a pm with your name change and i will sort it out for you.
As for the iphone pics, im not sure i will have to test this and get back to you.

Sounds like you got a great setup, just need to dial it in.

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