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Old 02-02-2018, 02:37 AM
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Default (Alldrugssupplies@gmail.com)Buy Medical Marijuana Online (Text or Call (720) 598-0096

(Alldrugssupplies@gmail.com)Buy Medical Marijuana Online (Text or Call (720) 598-0096).

*TOGETHER, LETS STAND FOR THE FREEDOM OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA..We are a great family of legit distributors of different varieties of hash ,oil and marijuana strains that is good for cancer,brain tumor,insomia and many other illness. Below is the list of few strains we have and the prices

30grams White Widow: $290 USD
30grams rainbow:$ 325
30g sour Diesel : $300 USD
30grams Banana KushA : $250 USD
30grams Bubba : $280 USD
30grams Hawaii-Skunk:$280 USD
30grams Hindu Kush: $250 USD
30grams Super Silver Haze:$280 USD
30grams OG Kush :$290 USD
30grams Sweet Island Skunk $250 USD
30grams Super Skunk :$280 USD
30grams Orange hash :$250 USD
30grams M-39/ak47 :$280USD
30grams Blueberry :$280 USD
30grams Barry White Oil :$290USD
30 grams blue dream crystal :$300 USD
30grams Dabber's Delight CBD Oil :$300 USD
30 grams Dabber's Delight Indica: $300 USD
30 GRAMS Platinum Cookies Oil :$280 USD
30 grams Hindu Kush Wax : $280 USD
30 grams Royal Kush Wax Crumble : $290 USD
30 gram Moon Rocks Kush: $400 USD
50grams Jamaican weed and black tiger: $370 USD
50grams Californian hush: $370 USD
50grams White Widow: $390 USD
50grams Hawaii-Skunk:$410 USD
50grama blue cheese haze: $420 USD
50grams Hindu Kush: $400 USD
50grams Super Silver Haze:$400 USD
50grams OG Kush :$420 USD
50grams Super Skunk :$400 USD
50grams AK 47 :$420 USD
50grams Blueberry :$400 USD
1Lbs Ak47 : $1820 USD
1Lbs Blueberry : $2000 USD
1Lbs purple haze : $2000 USD
1Lbs white widow : $1900 USD
1Lbs Super Silver haze : $2100 USD
1Lbs Trainreck is : $1900 USD
1Lbs OG Kush : $2000 USD
1Lbs Dabber's Delight CBD Oil :$2000 USD
1Lbs Jack herer : $1900 USD1500

We ship within USA and we do mix matches of strains. Shipping is done very discreetly.

Text or Call (720) 598-0096
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