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Old 02-11-2010, 07:19 PM
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awesome thread HerbalT!

I have read your thread as it progressed and have enjoyed it all along the way. It's good to see a nicely documented personal stealth apt grow/hobby. Ive been trying to convince a few buddies of mine to give a similar setup a run, rather than dropping all their cash on bud. Plus its a neat little project too! You are using all Floros, right?

Keep it up!
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Old 02-18-2010, 02:58 AM
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Default Hey bro'

Glad you've enjoyed the show canabian...yep, still all fluoro ATM, though I've still got my eye on eventual upgrades. Someday, LOL...

And thanks for the kind words, too. When I started puttin' my journal together, one aim I never mentioned was to try an' fill in summa the huge holes in growin' info on the web for micros. Sure, there's tons of info out there for room-sized grows an' such...but air turnover rates, and other important details like that, were always notoriously missing for the tiny stuff. Somewhat understandable, in a hobby where bigger usually means better...but that's not always desirable, either. So it's also part o' why I've tried to get it all documented, with some answers to the billions of naggin' questions I had at first. I broke it all down into brief segments for brevity and simplicity, but believe me, in real life I'm nowhere near this organized, LMAO...

Cab #1 cost me roughly 300 USD to get up and running. I never bothered to figure a total with the additional split level cab(s) added later, but I think it's safe to say I pro'ly spent another 3 to 400 adding that on. So basically, for the price of 2 or 3 zips o' good stuff as an initial investment (which I actually spread over a few years as I could afford it...), I can now produce fer m'self for dirt cheap, and it's all far n' away better'n anything I ever got offa the black market. (Even with "outdated" tech, like fluoros...) Yer buddies might have other reasons than economic ones fer buyin' their smoke, but if y'all are trying to save money in the long run, it's a real incentive. Was fer me, anyways...

I'll add some more posts when I get the chance...ideas for the next cab, security n' garbage disposal, maybe some bud porn...stuff like that...But fer all intents and purposes, the journal pretty much covers all the main topics I'd intended, as it is. While it's awesome havin' a perpetual grow here at home, it all does tend to be the same ol' same ol' after a while, LOL...

Peace n' happy growin' to ya.
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Old 03-13-2011, 04:36 PM
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pics The Last Hurrah For All Fluoro

I started growin’ my own herb in 2005, and in 2008 the garden incarnated into a perpetual SOG for a second time. That grow continues t’ run, and has been through various upgrades and maintenance over the years, as well as plenty o’ bumps an’ snags. But I had so many plans originally, way back when...I always hoped to build a whole new cab when I finally upgraded to HID lighting. That turned out to be a lil’ overly ambitious though, ‘specially durin’ these miserly times, LOL. So it’s been more tinkerin’ and DIY, as I changed gears n’ modified Cab #3 for a 150w HPS. Along the way I also had to re-think a few things, and the scrubber upgrade I wanted to add became a much more immediate concern. I’ll do write ups covering alla the details o’ the modifications I’ve done...eventually. It’ll pro’ly be a while before I get around to doin’ it, though. For now I thought I’d just post some bud porn, from a mix o’ the last all fluoro batches.

Both o’ these gals above are Durga Mata...

An’ here’s some Caramella and White Rhino. The CM in the pic below was flowered out fer 9 weeks, instead o’ the usual 8, since fer once I had plenty o’ time, room n’ herb t’ burn. A true luxury, and far too rare an occasion inna garden, but the CM finally had a more finished look at harvest...

Sneak Peek:
I know I said I’d be showin’ the last o’ the flouro gals, but here’s a peek at the flower box and some DM that was growin’ under the new HID. The ladies have really been packing it on under the new light...

While the garden has definitely benefited from the HPS, givin’ bigger n’ denser buds, I hadn’t really counted on the increase in odor as well, or the increase in overall plant heights, either. I’ve managed a few singed tops from time to time. And the gals in veg are diggin’ the ol’ HO T5s that were bumped over to their cab, too...plus a few mods done in the rooting cab, as well...But as I mentioned earlier, all o’ that will just hafta wait fer another time.

Peace and happy growin’ to ya.
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