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Old 04-04-2007, 01:33 PM
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Default Global Cannabis March

Just wanted to let fellow smokers know that the Global Cannabis March is being planned for May 5th in Toronto. All The details can be found at the link below. Hope to see ya all there.


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Enjoy every day like there is no tomorrow.
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Old 04-04-2007, 06:00 PM
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I would say the best part is how relaxed the whole enviroment is... Its so surreal to stand there and talk to a cop while your blazing a fatty.... We need to have one once a month not once a year.....

Peace <<KING>>
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Old 04-04-2007, 06:19 PM
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damn thats tight kings. i couldnt imagine standing next to a piggy burnin one down. this march is in alot of cities worldwide. who is doing one in their hometown? i know i am!
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Old 04-04-2007, 06:26 PM
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Bud of the Month 
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Yeah worldwide its insane heres a list of the cities taking part.....
Cape Town
South Africa goathorn at yahoo.com

Jerusalem Israel needelr at aol.com
Nagaoka Japan bongler at hotmail.com
Osaka Japan info at cannabist.org
Sapporo Japan info at cannabist.org
Tel Aviv Israel lior at alternative.org.il
Tokyo Japan info at cannabist.org

Abbotsford BC tfelger at telus.net
Calgary Alberta admin at calgary420.ca
Halifax Nova Scotia chair at mumm.ca
Lethbridge Alberta thehopefulcanadian at hotmail.com
Montreal Quebec blocpot at blocpot.qc.ca
Nanaimo BC golden_angel2875 at yahoo.ca
North Battleford Saskatchewan moe.brondum at gmail.com
Regina Saskatchewan
Thunder Bay Ontario tbaydoc at hotmail.com
Toronto Ontario info at cannabisweek.ca
Vancouver BC davidml at telus.net

Amsterdam Netherlands info at legalize.net
Antwerp Belgium encod at glo.be
Athens Greece iliosporoi at yahoo.gr
Basel Switzerland basel at hanf-koordination.ch
Bergen Norway gmm at normal.no
Berlin Germany info at hanfparade.de
Bern Switzerland bern at hanf-koordination.ch
Biel Switzerland info at amcb.ch
Birmingham UK colinpreece at lca-uk.org
Bratislava Slovakia hromi at kyberia.sk
Bryansk Russia
Budapest Hungary juhaszp at jv.hu
Chelyabinsk Russia i-and-i at mail.ru
Chernovtsy Ukraine leonmann at gmail.com
Copenhagen Denmark hampepartiet at hampepartiet.dk
Cork City Ireland heleniudsfa at yahoo.co.uk
Dublin Ireland smokiemcsmokerson at yahoo.co.uk
Frankfurt Germany sokratis at hanf-initiative.de
Fuerteventura Spain info at cannarias.com
Gasteiz Euskal Herria info at amigosdemaria.com
Geneve Switzerland geneve at coordination-chanvre.ch
Helsinki Finland sky at sky.org
Izhevsk Russia rastafariman at mail.ru
Jyväskylä Finland
Kaliningrad Russia serge at ultra.ru
Kaluga Russia vital at drugpolicy.ru
Kiev Ukraine deadjdona at gmail.com
Kristiansand Norway gmm at normal.no
Lausanne Switzerland info at hanf-koordination.ch
Leipzig Germany globalspaceodyssey at web.de
Leon Spain amigosdemaria at hotmail.com
Ljubljana Slovenia matej.jankovic at kiss.si
Locarno Switzerland info at hanf-koordination.ch
London UK press at cannabistrust.com
Luzern Switzerland elcarahito at bluewin.ch
Lyon France jj.chemin at free.fr
Madrid Spain webmaster at amec.org.es
Malaga Spain superedufano at yahoo.es
Middlesbrough UK dragonforce666 at hotmail.co.uk
Moscow Russia legaliz at legaliz.info
Nicosia Cyprus petros at cyprus-org.net
Orel Russia fester_ad at mail.ru
Orensburg Russia ural-llc at ultra.ru
Oslo Norway gmm at normal.no
Oulu Finland
Paris France mmc2006 at no-log.org
Prague Czech Republic netdave at legalizace.cz
Rome Italy giornatamondiale at millionmarijuanamarch.info
Rostock Germany info at rostocker-hanffest.de
Rotterdam Netherlands m.lenoble1 at chello.nl
Sofia Bulgaria promena at promena.org
St. Petersburg Russia spb-llc at ultra.ru
Stavanger Norway gmm at normal.no
Stockholm Sweden info at normal.nu
Tampere Finland lasse_pihlainen at hotmail.com
Tromsø Norway gmm at normal.no
Trondheim Norway gmm at normal.no
Turku Finland info at vihreetpantterit.org
Vienna Austria shop at bushdoctor.at
Vigo Spain durru_ at cannabiscafe.net
Vladivostok Russia vladi-llc at ultra.ru
Volgograd Russia volga-llc at ultra.ru
Warsaw Poland kontakt at kanaba.info
Zürich Switzerland zuerich at hanf-koordination.ch

Auckland New Zealand info at norml.org.nz
Canberra Australia aclrm at nimbinaustralia.com
Christchurch New Zealand mmm2006 at mildgreens.com
Darwin Australia hq at napnt.org
Dunedin New Zealand dunedin at norml.org.nz
Nimbin Australia aclrm at nimbinaustralia.com
Sydney Australia aclrm at nimbinaustralia.com
Wellington New Zealand info at norml.org.nz

South America
Bermuda Bermuda rastafariembassy at yahoo.com
Brasilia Brazil viniciusmatteo at gmail.com
Buenos Aires Argentina arda at fibertel.com.ar
Cordoba Argentina chgebauer at yahoo.com
Curitiba Brazil andreosagaz at gmail.com
Florianopoles Brazil rhasttaff at hotmail.com
Kingston Jamaica paul_chang at cwjamaica.com
Lima Peru daniel_hemp_vuelamaria at yahoo.es
Mexico City Mexico info at ameca.org.mx
Mexico City Mexico cocamex at hotmail.com
Montevideo Uruguay comunachala at gmail.com
Porto Alegre Brazil principioativo.rs at gmail.com
Recife Brazil associpernambuco at bol.com.br
Rio de Janeiro Brazil psicotropicus at psicotropicus.org
Rosario Argentina arda at fibertel.com.ar
Santiago Chile revista at canamo.cl
Sao Paulo Brazil legalizeja at yahoogrupos.com.br

United States
Albany New York cannabisactionny at yahoo.com
Albuquerque New Mexico fmacdo at msn.com
Alva Oklahoma kmkprophet at yahoo.com
Amherst Massachusetts
Arcata California samhandwich22 at hotmail.com
Atlanta Georgia info at worldcamp.org
Bakersfield California bakersfieldcollegenorml at yahoo.com
Bend Oregon actingoutinbend at msn.com
Boise Idaho mehemp at aol.com
Boone North Carolina
Boulder Colorado christen-mitchell at peoplepc.com
Buffalo New York
Burlington Vermont hardy at vtnorml.org
Chicago Illinois richrawlings at cannabisactivist.us
Chico California
Cincinnati Ohio hemptress at hemprock.com
Colorado Springs Colorado rmelamed at uccs.edu
Columbia Missouri danviets at justice.com
Columbus Ohio mjborden at ohiopatient.net
Dallas Texas ryan at dfwnorml.org
Des Moines Iowa qchemp at msn.com
Detroit Michigan jay99hoo at yahoo.com
Dover Delaware hempman at verizon.net
Eugene Oregon jimgreigads at yahoo.com
Fayetteville Arkansas norml at uark.edu
Flint Michigan baren1 at aol.com
Ft. Lauderdale Florida phatson at hotmail.com
Ft. Smith Arkansas ozrkmtnhemp at aol.com
Gainesville Florida whosmokesherb at mail.com
Garberville California redway420 at gmail.com
Hachita New Mexico billder at vtc.net
Hartford Connecticut captainjolly53 at aol.com
Hilo Hawaii pakaloha at gte.net
Houston Texas houstonnorml at yahoo.com
Indianapolis Indiana garywemmitt at yahoo.com
Iowa City Iowa annietye at gmail.com
Kansas City Missouri mohemp at hotmail.com
Knoxville Tennessee trennels at comcast.net
Las Vegas Nevada sincero13 at hotmail.com
Lawton Oklahoma dankhank at yahoo.com
Lexington Kentucky gatewood at mis.net
Los Angeles California sistersomayah at yahoo.com
Madison Wisconsin madisonweb at norml.net
Minneapolis Minnesota normlmnnews at yahoo.com
Missoula Montana dskaggs4 at hotmail.com
Nashua New Hampshire bdtdialup at aol.com
Nashville Tennessee marivuana at marivuanahempalot.com
New Paltz New York newpaltznorml at yahoo.com
New York City New York dana at cures-not-wars.org
Newark Delaware hempman at verizon.net
Ogden Utah drippingtruth at yahoo.com
Paia Hawaii bmurphy420 at msn.com
Philadelphia Pennsylvania chairman at phillynorml.org
Phoenix Arizona ws_panterita_az at hotmail.com
Portland Oregon projects at ornorml.org
Portland Maine mainelynorml at yahoo.com
Raleigh North Carolina
Rapid City South Dakota newland at rapidcity.com
Roanoke Virginia no1zever at cox.net
Rochester New York rochestercannabis at gmail.com
Rockford Illinois skullmarbles at sbcglobal.net
Sacramento California jusjazzi4me at sbcglobal.net
Salem Oregon mercy_salem at hotmail.com
Salt Lake City Utah aptutah at yahoo.com
San Diego California admin at growingplantsisnotacrime.com
San Francisco California webmaster at hempevolution.org
San Marcos Texas bh1169 at txstate.edu
Santa Barbara California strangebrewstrat at aol.com
Sarasota Florida sarasota-can-owner at yahoogroups.com
South Bend Indiana jay99hoo at yahoo.com
Spokane Washington president at spocannabis.org
St. Louis Missouri
Steamboat Springs Colorado
Steven's Point Wisconsin
Sulphur Springs Texas dandan9784 at yahoo.com
Syracuse New York schuler at hotmail.com
Tallahassee Florida ambrosias_bite at msn.com
Tampa Florida tampahempcouncil at hotmail.com
Traverse City Michigan fiddlefoot420 at hotmail.com
Tucson Arizona mmackenzie2 at juno.com
Tupelo Mississippi nita420 at earthlink.net
Ukiah California contactverge at yahoo.com
Upper Lake California
Waikiki Hawaii
Washington D.C. Washington D.C. fjhc at hotmail.com
Wichita Kansas hemplady at hempforus.com
Wilmington Delaware hempman at verizon.net
Yuba City/Marysville California cannabisadvocate at yahoo.com
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