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Sannies` Jack
Finally the long expected Jack Herrer right out of Sannieís stable!

After years of selection and improving a super Jack Herrer emerged like never before. It all started with the unique taste of this Jack. Finding the right taste took a lot of time and energy, but then we could focus on yield and potency. After each selection certain aspects where improved, this results in a Jack Herrer thatís exceeds in taste en harvest.

These seeds will grow plants with enormous main buds. Suitable for SOG (Sea Of Green) or Scrog (Screen of green). According to the number of plants per square meter, they can easily grow as high as 1 meter because of the large part sativa qualities found in this Jack. The plants keep growing as long as 3 to 4 weeks into the flowering time. When conditions are optimal this plant will be a pleasure to grow en and will provide you more delicious stash than you can handle.

This Jack Herrer is a pleasure to grow and shows you what incredible things a plant can do.

* Genetics: sannie's jack F5
* Type: Mostly sativa
* Flowering time: 10-13 weeks
* Indoor plant
* Harvest: up to 750 gram/m2(indoor)
* Taste: a powerfull spicy/lemon haze taste and smell
* Effect: The high is heavy and is in the head(real haze)
* Flowers: They are rockhard with alot off tales
* THC: Percentage up to 22%
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