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The Flav
Our Romulan mother blew us away when we located her last year in the PNW. Having grown both Romulan and Romberry from Vic High I was very skeptical until I grew her out and got a taste of this heavenly plant. We have re-created her using our proven Space Queen male to contribute speed, resin and added size while keeping the unique taste and smell of the original strain. The Flav is Romulan dominant and 70% of the females in the test runs leaned to her characteristics. The hybrid has a long stretch before a short period of filling in the towering colas. Heavy resin coating that protrudes all the way to the end of the sun leaves make for a great hash making strain. Very heady buzz with a combination head and body stone.

1) Phenotypes Mainly Romulan dominate with a 30% variation
2) Height- Nice stocky plants that stretch for the first 2 weeks of budding
3) Yield- Medium to heavy (12 ounces in a 4x4 Hydrohut in soil)
4) Indoor/ Greenhouse
5) Best way to grow- Topped and rooted well no fIMing just 4 large heads produce long full spears
6) Harvest Window- 8-9 weeks
7) High type- Very mind expanding and visual very much a head high
8) Smells: Thick exotic perfume with oily piny undertones/ Floral and fruity

High Times Top 10 of 2008!!!

* Genetics: Romulan x Space Queen
* Mix: Sativa/Indica 50/50
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