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This fruity potent delight was conceived by MzJill. The amazing OrangeVelvet was acquired through some local PNW hippy's who say it's over 20 years old. It turns breathtaking rich deep shades of burgundy and maroon, almost to a black. The flavor is of an unmistakable overwhelming orange. If you are looking for a smoke that will please all of your senses, this is the one for you. It has a nice mellow high, and tastes like you bit off a piece of the sunset and it melted in your mouth. This killer one of a kind phenotype was crossed with a select SpaceQueen male. The resulting Orange-Pineapple creation is one of the most exciting crosses available today. A fellow lady grower (ToB) smoked some of the OrangeVelvet. These were her comments... "OrangeVelvet ~ It reminds me of a warm summer day eating dreamcicles underneath the trees in the backyard. This is one of the most pleasant tastes I have ever experienced; like vanilla ice cream coated in orange sherbert." Another fellow lady grower (charmed) gave Jilly-Bean her name.
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