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Once in a while you come a cross a plant that is almost the ideal plant,she carries all the properties which a perfect hybride should have. The One F1 ( Blueberry Indica X killa queen/nycd) is such a plant which stands out in being beautyfull and carries a outstanding smell and taste. This is also to find in the madonna because the tuf selected dad Blue kronic (Blue moonshine X killa queen) that is used to enhance the taste and smell form eache other.

Madonna has a great grow potential and takes here time fill up you're grow room with dense and hard buds which smell like candy. She like's to grow wide to form a crown with buds beside's the main bud. Madonna is a easy to handle plant.

Beware that this plant like to smell,also in vegetation. A good scrub filter is not to much luxury.

De taste en high from this lady are incredible. She taste's sweet and soft so to take a extra puff should be no problem untill.......that strong creepy high is coming in,so you have to put the joint aside.

The perfect Hybride

* Genetics: The One F1 / Blue Kronic
* Type: Hybride
* Flower time: 9-10 weeks
* Harvest: Up to 600 gram/m2 indoor
* Taste: Strong sweet grape and berry taste
* Effect: Strong high/stoned combination
* Flowers: Covered in colors and cristals
* THC: Percentage up to 22%
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