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Industrial Plant

The first genetics that adapted especially to the culture under artificial light, in the Seventies, it was a crossing between a East Indian Afghan of high production, and one sativa thai, and was in the city of Seattle, Washington. This new genetics, was developed and stabilized during years, and I create the first designed race of cannabis to produce the possible maximum. Northern Lights was called, " northern lights " and she is one genetics that has had a tremendous global impact, because their crossings have used by hundreds of thousands of cultivators anywhere in the world. reasons, more production and in less time than anyone of the seeds that were normally available. High production, low stature, power, and few leaves that to clean, make of this variety a good example of amount and quality. Scent to wood of pine with lemon notes, and black pepper, and effect powerful mental physicist and, this exceptional genetics, is the fundamental base of the crossings realised with haze and skunk in Europe, and is one of the mothers of the most well-known variety of history, "Jack Herer";. It grows with wide, heavy leaves, and of dark color, ramifica little, and it tends to concentrate the production in the central stem; it has the aspect typical of a East Indian, little, very heavy, very dark leaves, and stems very heavy also; physical and mental mixed effect, but with predominance of the sedation with respect to the psychoactivity.

* Days of blooming at 12hours: 45- 50.
* Outdoor's harvest: Until the 10 October.
* THC: High. ( 10% - 14% ).
* CBD: High.
* Production: Very high.
* Outdoor size: Until 2,5 meters.
* Composition: Indica-Sativa, with a cleary indica dominance.
* Genotype: Afghan x Thai.
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