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Jamaican Jam

Jamaican Jam is a Hybrid of a traditional Jamaican Spear plant. Using a devistatingly potent Afghan line to bring up the density of the Huge buds of the J.Spear plant. This Hybrid line displays great potential as a comercial yeaildin plant, while excelling in potency. This is the heaviest yeilding lint to cross the gardens. A longer bloom period, she can prove to be a contender in warmer climates. Unique tones of a sour skunk/berry hashlike aroma from these girls. A great early day smoke. Quite resinous flowers, the bud leafs become thick with trichomes, great for hash! Balanced effects that dont bog you down. A true creeper smoke. It has very dence flowers, that finish into long, Tall 'Spears' of Solid Jamaican goodness.
* Breeders Tips: Perfect SOG plant, Dont feed her too hard.
* Composition: F1 Hybrid / JamaicanSpear x Afghan
* Origin:Jamaica / North America
* Bloom Time: 70-75 days
* Enviroment: Indoor / Outdoor
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