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Somatooth #1

Momma is Soma's "Amnesia Haze" (hard to find) Daddy is Spice Of Life's " SweetTooth # 3 ". Grand Daddy is BOG "LifeSaver Great Grand Daddy is BOG "BoggleGum" . I recommend 60 to 65 days or when the trichomes start bursting you will know she is ripe. She is a One Hit Wonder so please be careful. Approx. 70% Sativa 30% Indica. The Amnesia Haze will be the dominant factor but you will have varieties of 4 genotypes because I have yet to hybrid it. Some tall, some small, these seeds are Two and a half years in the making. It is a Medicinal Strain and should be used for medical values only. She will frost up on you. I designed it with the intentions to treat my side effects from chemotherapy from Leukemia, RA, and Marfans' Syndrome. You can help me help others by spreading the good news of Hope and Encouragement. Join your local NORML Chapter today and become a Medicinal Cannabis Activist like me!
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