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A inbred line derived from the infamous Trainwreck clones genetics. A very potent Sativa dominant derived from Mexican, Afghani and Thai genetics. the Trainwreck clone, crossed to our Qe32 lines, then in bred to F5, to produce wonderfull and highly potent herb with a deep and dank Lemon-Pine smells and tastes.

Very phsycoactive flowers, with a cut through high that will dominate over anything smoked before. Very potent, amazing resin formation and good yeilds in a fast time make this one of the best hybrid Sativas we have found. Throughout the programme we have focused on the quality of the high and raw potentcy of the line.

Indoors, this strain is adapted fully for a simple organic method, with high pest resistances and great yeilds. Just give them the root space and they will do the rest.

Haze #1
A pure Haze, derived from early 70's Californian stocks. Haze needs no introduction from us. We are lucky to be able to share this vitally important strain with the world in pure for as a limited edition only available through BBay and Cannasuer.

Not to be confused with the much hyped 'Dutch' Hazes, that flower in 12 weeks, this is a pure Sativa, comprising the best of the worlds Landrace Sativas of old. Very special breeding and collectors genetics, being shared in pure form for the first time since Sacred Seeds went underground in the early 1970s. This is a unique opportunity to acquire genetics that are trully legendry.

A incredible Sativa that delivers some of the most phsycoactive Cannabis on earth, the stuff legeneds are made of for sure. The high is completely without limit and this herb will take you places no others will. The more you smoke the higher you get.

This strain takes up to 18 weeks, sometimes more in flowering but will deliver high yields of amazing flowers. Great outside, difficult, not impossible inside.

Northern Lights 90
A pure NL strain, kept pure since 1990 and derived from origional SSC stocks. Inbred over many generations focused on the raw potentcy and ease of growth NL is famous for.

This is a great breeding tool and the bassis of many of the current Dutch gene pool. Our version is a very potent, heavy hitting 'traditional' Indica dominant, giving classic wide leafed plants with amazing resin formation. Fast flowering and big yeilding NL with a massive potentcy in selected individuals.

Old School Sativa
A inbred line derived from some classic Californian Sativa Genetics, a superb indoor and outdoor Sativa that delivers some of our favourite, happy herbs. Pus a smile on your face, a tingle in your head and a spring in your step.

Derived from Big Sur Holyweed, a early Skunk line and a Nigerian! but stabillised now at F5 and producing a fantastic tight nodded, compact Sativa that will blow your mind. Fast flowering and easy to grow, make this a great first Sativa to grow. A classic. Loved by all who have smoked or grown her.

Skunk 89
A line derived from the infamous Cheese clone, itself a wonderfull selection from a Skunk 89. Leaning heavilly to the Colombian side of the oldschool Skunk #1 with a legendry high and taste. We have backcrossed the line 3 times and are happy we have accomplished our initial goals of keeping the raw potentcy and overall quality of the Cheese clones high.

Not a smelly as the origional clone, but very simialar high, combined with pants that are much more pest resistant and are a joy to grow. Heavilly Sativa dominant, producing some of the most enjoyable 'Skunk' we have ever smoked.

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