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ADHD was created and tested by GrowDocSeeds. People suffering from ADD and ADHD have found some comfort with this strain. This strain has been under testing for over 2 years. ADHD is mainly Indica. Best suitable for indoor growing. A good medical strain. Plant height: short and stout 50-70cm, Stoned or high: Good body high with a light mind.

* Flowering time: 60 days.

Angel Dust

is the best medical strain we have found so far. She has been tested on Cancer and Lupus patients. Found to give a good safe relaxing feeling with appetite stimulation, also patienceís experience well nights sleep feeling refreshed the next morning. This strain is cheaper then the rest because we realize that sick people are often on very tight budgets.

* Plant type: Best suitable for indoor growing/good medical strain
* Plant height: Indica/Sativa mix
* Stoned or high: Good body high makes you want to eat
* THC level: Medium
* Flowering Weeks: 8/9
* Yield (Sea of Green on one m2): 300-325
* Harvest Month: November
* Grow difficulty: Easy, stable and strong


Is our Twin breeding mom, she has the strongest twin gene (one seed can give 2 plants) in our seed line. Often 2 plants come out of one seed if conditions are optimal, sometimes one male one female, but if your good you can get 2 females. Donít be afraid to breed her into your favorite strain and you might see some twins.

* Plant type: Best suitable for indoor growing.
* Plant height: Medium- Indica/Sativa mix
* Stoned or high: Intense couch lock
* THC level: High to very high
* Flowering Days: 60
* Yield (Sea of Green on one m2): 300-350
* Grow difficulty: Great Breeding Strain (twin)

Bubble Dust

I am a heavy Indica fan and I wanted to make a heavy Indica, short fat and white and 60 days flowering. I spanked one male against 7 females, picked the ones I liked and did it again, then repeated time an time again over a 2 year period until I found the genes I was looking for. She takes 60 days, as most strains do, although people like to take plants earlier... Grown organically she taste like American grape Kool-Aid (grape juice for you Europeans)...

* Genetics: Bubble Gum X Angel Dust
* High: nice wake and bake, uplifting clear soaring high no couch lock here guys/gals.
* Plant type: Indoor/outdoor/greenhouse
* Plant height: max 14 days vegg for indoor
* Stoned or high: Long lasting, soaring, Grape taste
* THC level: Very High
* Flowering Days: 58-65
* Yield (Sea of Green on one m2):300-500
* Harvest Month: October
* Grow difficulty: Easy for everyone
* Release Date: May 2006


Is a very fast flowering Indica, short in height you can really get lots of plants into a small space. Excellent yielding on small and large gardens, indoor or outdoor she will never disappoint you when it comes to the weight.

* Plant type: Best for indoor/outdoor/greenhouse growing.
* Plant height: Short- Indica
* Stoned or high: Good all day high
* THC level: High
* Flowering Days: 50-60
* Yield (Sea of Green on one m2):400-500
* Harvest Month: 10
* Grow difficulty: Commercial crop strain

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