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HFS is proud to finally present the newest edition to the family: FantasmaŽ. She is an F1 hybrid of the
highest order.

Her father was a high grade Afghanistan Indica and her mother was our special AK hybrid.
She can get very resinous, even on the fan leaves, and tolerates prolonged
exposure to heat very well.

Flowers quickly with a good yield of frosted connosseur's buds.
Ideal for medicinal use, and for putting people in their place.

* F1 hybrid
* 8-9 weeks to flower

Hell Fire Southwestern Mix

Mostly Haze Hybrids and crosses in the making, these plants will mostly finish at around 10 weeks, making them more suitable to the southern states.

Trench Town Lights

Rastafarize your mind with Hell Fire's tribute to the legendary Jamaican city, home to some of the best
reggae music in the world and some of the highest quality ganja on the islands.
You will surely be feelin' irie after a spliff of our Trench Town Lights. She's a great yielder with an
acceptable flowering time and, of course, top-notch potency.

* 55-60 days
* F1
* 60% indica/40% sativa
* 4-6' indoors
* Marley's Collie x (NL#5/NL#2)
* Yield: up to 125grams

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