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This fabulous indica has more then one fine qualities. This makes her very loved all over the world. Because of the high thc percentage en the narcotic after effect, she is often used as a medicinal smoke. The flowers are covered with resin and smell intoxicating.

This plant originates from Woodhorse and was perfected by Moterabel. Sannie and Moterabel work together with genes and since Moterabel is unable to breed for himself anymore. I received the seeds in 2006 and had 2 grows since to get an overall view in what to expect. After the selection we kept the seeds off the best pheno. Because the original seeds were already IBL (Inbreed Line), these seeds are also best to describe as IBL.

The plants grow fast and produce a lot of side branches, as a Sativa normally does. Because off this quality Herijuana is a great scrogg (screen of green) plant. Herijuana keeps growing for the first 2 weeks off bloom and produces golfball-like buds, even the lower buds get rock hard

* Genetics: Herijuana ibl
* Type: Mostly indica
* Flowering time: 7-9 weeks
* Harvest: up to 500 gram/m2(indoor)
* Taste: sandlewood/afghani
* Effect: heavy medical body stone
* Flowers: They are rockhard with lots of cristals
* THC: Percentage up to 25%

Jack Berry F2

The divine Blue Berry fragrance is represented by the mother we used for this cross. (Blueberry-Indica) A plant that grows beautiful blue/pink coloured flowers. The yield wasn’t what we expected it to be and that is why we crossed this one with Sannie’s Jack male to increase yields.

The unique soft taste combined with fast flowering times will make this one an absolute winner.Jackberry is a fast grower and its wise to consider this.This makes jackberry a very effective scrog plant.

Jackberry is one off my personal favo's when i smoke during the day,chill high and still love to do my stuff......great.

After excesive selections there sprouted Jackberry F2,wich one will be more stable as the F1 version.There will be more winning pheno's to find in one package of seed.We selected on the tupical jackberry taste with buds that stand out in density and producing thc.

* Genetics: Blueberry Indica F1/Sannie's Jack
* Type: Indica
* Flower time: 8-10 weeks
* Suitable in/outdoor
* Harvest: Up to 500 gram/m2 indoor
* Taste: A soft and sweet combi off off lemon and berry
* Effect: The high is neutral and good daytime smoke
* Flowers: Dense with beuatifull colours
* THC: Percentage up to 20%

Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer is a cross between Sammie’s Jack and Amnesia Haze. A divine combination between 2 hazes with great potential. A beautiful haze hybrid with relative short flowering time.
x=Jack Hammer

The plants in this cross both came out of a very strict selection and produces vigorous offsprings. Plants with a very high growth-potential and provides a nice yield of class-haze.

* Genetics: sannie's jack / amnesia
* Type: Hybride type plant
* Flowering Time: 10-12 weeks
* Indoor plant
* Opbrengst: Up to 650 gram/m2(indoor)
* Smaak: haze,spicy
* Effect: uphigh
* Bloemen: Dense and loaded with cristals
* THC: Up to 22%

K.O. Kush

This is the most extreme cross witch I have produced so far. As mother we used the Killa Kush, a highly recommended strain with an overwhelming spicy Kush taste. As father we used the over potent Herijuana.

This combination emerged when working with breeder Moterabel. This Breeder describes these 2 strains as his heaviest and medicinal strains. After the right selection of the Killa Kush and the Herijuana, we used the 2 most outstanding plants for this cross. This F1 has yet to prove itself, but the freaks know this one will give fireworks.

* Genetics: killa Kush/Herijuana
* Type: Mostly Indica
* Flowering time: 7-8 weeks
* Harvest: up to 500 gram/m2(indoor)
* Taste: earthy afghani/kush
* Effect: extreme stoned
* Flowers: They are rockhard covered in kristals
* THC: Percentage up to 24%

Killing Fields

This F1 cross between “The One” and “Sannie’s Jack” will give you fireworks. The 2 most vigorous plants from Sannie’s stable merged to one seed.

x=Killing Fields

The One was used as mother, a plant which exceeds in all her glory and provides you with a nice amount of grams. Beautiful blue/pink colours combined with a fruity berry/grape fragrance. When crumbling a real old-school Aghani/Killaqueen odour emerges...

The Jack male was selected with great care to shorten the flowering time of the Jack female. This male crossed with The One will result in a plant with flowering time between the 9 and 11 weeks.

The strength of The One is in the extreme dense buds and the typical berry/petrol scent. This combined with the Jack will provide huge pungent smelling buds with lots of resin and crystals.

Looking for taste and potential?... You found it!!

* Genetics: the one / sannie's jack
* Type: mostly indica
* Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks
* Indoorplant
* Harvest: Up to 700 gram/m2(indoor)
* Taste: Very fruity but with a powerfull petrol smell
* Effect: The high is heavy and longlesting
* Flowers: Big and dense
* THC: Up to 22%

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