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Female Mix

The best from Ceres Seeds in ONE pack!

Can't choose a variety from Ceres collection then go for this Indoor Mix which offers you a great selection of our top quality Cannabis strains.

* Feminized: Yes
* Type: Indica
* Indoor flowering: 45-65 days
* Outdoor greenhouse flowering: Mid/End October
* Indoor Yield: Varies approx 0.85 to 1gr per watt
* Greenhouse Yield: 400 to 500gr/plant

Fruity Thai

Fruity Thai is a tropical surprise, a blend of 'dutch' varieties and original thai give you the best of both sides of the indica/ sativa spectrum: A fresh & sweet retro- flavor, and a clear 'high' effect, combined with a excellent (indica) yield and lots of THC resin.

Winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup! Fruity Thai won 2nd in the category 'Best Indica' during the 2006 'High Times Cannabis Cup'.

* Sativa x Indica
* Indoor flowering: 55-65 days, greenhouse: End October
* Yield: 1.2gr./Watt, greenhouse: 700 gr./plant

Hollands Hope

For a long time Holland's Hope was the only variety that could resist the Dutch rain. Mould resistant, ideal for the northern hemisphere, mild stoned effect. Nice, easy smoke with a subtle, natural flavor.

* Feminized: Yes


"WHERE IT ALL BEGAN " Kush has made a glorious come-back. This pure indica, with it's roots in Afghanistan and India, grows hard nuggets on a short compact plant. It has a specific herbal hashish taste and a comfortable buzz. Kush is quick flowering and easy to grow.

* Indica
* Indoor flowering: 50-55 days, greenhouse: Mid October
* Yield indoor: 0,85 gr./Watt, greenhouse: 400gr./plant

Northern Lights x Skunk 1

THE CLASH OF THE TITANS " Northern Lights x Skunk#1, two classic giants brought together in a F1 super hybrid! This champion amazes both professional and connoisseur time and time again! This variety is also a good choice for beginners because of its stability and persistence under almost any condition! NL x Sk#1 has a very deep, relaxing effect.

* Indica x Skunk
* Indoor flowering: 55-60 days, greenhouse: End October
* Yield Indoor: 1.1gr./Watt, greenhouse: 600gr./plant

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