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Blue Hash

What a combination! The mind sweep of Blueberry crossed with the mystical body calm of the California Hash Plant. Dinafemís Blue Hash is a fast flowering Indica that initially adopts the color violet then turns a dark purple when fully finished; this is a beautiful plant for the indoor gardener. Easy to grow, low maintenance and very mould resistant. Also, it produces a very good yield of the highest quality. Grows very well out of doors as well. A sweet, fruity flavor that will euphorically put your cares behind you.

* Growing: Indoors/Outdoors
* Flowers: 55 + days
* THC Content: (12% - 16%)
* Genotype: Blueberry x California Hash Plant.
* Type: Indica

Blue Widow

Dinafemís Blue Widow is an F1 Indica cross of the outstanding Blueberry with the legendary White Widow. A cornucopia for the senses. Designed for fragrance, flavor, color, and sticky to the touch.

Turning reddish/violet in colder climates it is a beautiful plant to see. The large, thick, colas can be very resinous. Due to the introduction of Blueberry, this plant grows taller than pure WW with height expectancies in the 3 meter range out doors. It can double in size when put into the flowering stage. Dinafemís Blue Widow is an excellent candidate for SCROG.

* Growing: Indoors/out doors.
* Flowers in about 50-55
* THC: (12% - 16%).
* Genotype: Blueberry x White Widow
* Feminized: Yes
* Type: Indica

California Hash Plant

Dinafem Seedís California Hash Plant is pure East Indian; a region known for being the producer of some of the finest Indica grown. By crossing two sisters of the of the same genetic line, we were able to create a fast flowering, high yielding, mould resistant plant that offers a very good yield with good quality. Medicinally, a very soothing, and sedative effect can be expected. Not over powering but more mellow. It calms, rather than excites. Like a good hashish.

* Growing: Indoors/Outdoors
* Flowering: 45-50 days
* THC: (8% - 12%).
* Genotype: 90% California Hash Plant x 10% Northern Lights
* Feminized: Yes
* Type: Indica


This beautiful Indica is an award winning plant of the Highlife Glass of Barcelona. Dinafems Seeds, Critical +, is a high yield producer with a powerful, fruity skunk aroma, saddled with a delicious taste. Indoor cultivators should exercise caution due to the strong, skunky fragrance it exudes while growing.

A very potent smoke, mentally & physically, with a high yield.

* Growing: Indoors/outdoors
* Flowering: 45-50 days
* THC: (12%-16%)
* Genotype: Big Bud x Skunk
* Feminized: Yes
* Type: Indica


Another legend arisen in the United States of America. The file genetic of this variety he is too long to be explained here, but basically it comes from the line ChemDawg, a peculiar genetics that says, needs chemical fertilizer to give really all the flavor that can get to give, very intense and lasting a flavor, at the same time as rich and sweet. When it is cultivated organic they call Dawg, and when it is cultivated chemically, Chem. Of that genetics, that arrived at NYC through a cultivator who obtained esquejes, became a crossing with a Superskunk x Northern Light and the Diesel line was derived, that it was called thus by the scent to petroleum that produces in fresh. It is necessary to know that she is one of the varieties more sold to be consumed in the USA, which says much on his great popularity. The strongpoints of this variety are the flavor very marked Lima lemon, mandarin, and with a touch of diesel fuel, as well as the determined persistence of the same in exemplary; this retropaladar it is the main reason of the great success of this genetics, and the other factor that him aid to be so popular, is so light and manageable the effect sativo that it owns. Indeed, it is a slight effect, nonextreme, nothing heavy, that disappears gradually, and easily manageable, because non anesthesia in excess. It is a very bearable plant, by the low content in CBD, and the effect is much more cerebral that physical. Of very easy culture, the mould in fresh zones of outside resists moderately, and it does not give any problem of fungi in the Mediterranean zones; contained growth, green color clearly, and production turns an excellent it into a great election for the outer garden, especially if the flavor is the factor nļ1.

* Days of flowering to 12 hours: 60 - 70.
* Harvest in outside: Until the 15 of October.
* THC: Stop. (12% - 16%).
* CBD: Low.
* Production: Discharge. Height in outside: Up to 3 meters.
* Composition: It indicates 40% - Sativa 60%.
* Genotype: Mexican Sativa x Afghani.

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