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Barrier Reefer

A wet sticky cannabis plant that took years to develop in several locations. Evolving from a fast-growing strain originally grown outdoors for its perfume, the Barrier Reefer has eclipsed all our expectations. Disease-Resistant and very hardy, the BarrierReefer is the ideal plant for an indoor medical growroom. The Barrier Reefer is our recommendation for chronic pain in a Medical Use situation.
* flowering: 9 weeks

Blue Mountain

Our heaviest yielding plants.
BlueMountain cannabis seeds are the strain to choose when weight and bud size are the prime criteria.
Ideal for those with a green thumb and a growers nose.
BlueMountain marijuana seeds are the perfect addition to any successful breeders programme.
Flower weight can be an issue with Blue Mountain..
Remember to always tie, stake or use netting to support your flowers and branches.
* flowering: 8 weeks

Didgeri Boo

A pungent indica - almost musical in its personality. Let Koala Marijuana seeds make your growroom resonate with the rhythms of the DidgeriBoo. Didgeri Boo - its an Aussie indoor specialty with fragrant, high-yielding, colorful colas. DidgeriBoo Cannabis seeds are best grown very large in run to waste systems. DidgeriBoo Marijuana seeds are best grown in an indoor environment.
* flowering: 9 weeks

Humpty Doo Haze

Originally developed from a Sativa line we found growing on sacred tribal land not far from a town called Humpty Doo in Australia's Northern Territory. HumptyDoo Haze, is most atypical for a wild Sativa, producing a very long and uplifting, dreamy high.
* flowering: 12 weeks

White Wombat

White Wombat produces flowers similar to its namesake, with round, strong and solid nuggets. White Wombat grows fast and flowers long. Not a strain for beginners, she needs to be tied up with nets and in season, stinks like a wild marsupial
* flowering: 9 weeks

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