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Durban Poison

This strain is famous throughout the world. Non hybridized sativa. Not only confined to Natal, but grown widely across South Africa leading to variable quality. These seeds are selected only from experienced growers giving consistent 'kick ass' plants loaded with resin. Height 6 - 9 ft.
* Flowering Time : 56-70
* Environment : Indoor,Outdoor
* Origin : South Africa

Ethiopian Highland

Outdoor Considered the finest in the world by the ruling Empress Zauditu and Ras Tafari who became the Emperor Haile Selassie this pure sativa comes direct from the ancient land of Ethiopia in what we believe is a world first. Cultivated and inbred by his latter day followers in the city of Shashemene this sativa grows well at altitude and in cooler climates. Buds typically long sativa with visible resin droplets providing a clear energetic high. Plants are shorter, branched and sto
* Flowering Time : 56-84 days
* Environment : Outdoor
* Origin : Ethiopia

Kariba Surprise

The sun sets over the mighty Zambezi river,a fish eagle dips majestically over the water, a herd of buffalo join the elephants to drink. In the distance a lion roars (roar!).Here in one of Africa's last edens live the Batuka people. Untouched by other civilizations, uninfluenced by government, they have continued their culture of growing and smoking for many centuries. The plants from this area are very heavily branched and when finished flowering they produce very tall, long red and white haired buds up to 2 ft long. High T.H.C, C.B.D. absent. Energetic, electric high!!, the plant prefers hot outdoor conditions with plenty of water, very mold resistant.
* Flowering Time : 70-100 days
* Environment : Outdoor,GreenHouse
* Origin : Zimbabwe / Africa

Malawi Gold

Outdoor Famed by travelers across Africa for its potent 'up high' and mythical gold color. The sativa ganja tops are bound tightly in banana leaf and cured to form the well known Malawi 'cob'. High yields from big buds loaded with THC. These are wild seeds selected from some of the most learned cannabis growers in Malawi
* Flowering Time : 70-112 days
* Environment : Outdoor
* Origin : Malawi

Outdoor Mix
These seeds are a random selection of the finest outdoor beans from African Seeds. Cant decide which on to go for? Well now you can grow them out and pick your favorite. Also adds a nice variation to your harvest. A great choice for the undecided.
* Flowering Time : varies
* Environment : Outdoor
* Origin : Africa

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