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Donkey Dick

This is one of the best commercial outdoor strains that we have come across. Typically huge light green buds accompanied by a smooth relaxing high Expect this girl to stretch to the sky as she reach heights up to 6 – 10ft. and yields about a ½ lb. per plant. Flowering period – 40 -45 days Outdoor only harvest by Oct.1

Mighty Mite

You can count on this plant to be short and stock with a very dark green color to it. There is usually one large main cola surrounded by small round leaves. This strain is mostly Indica. This particular plant is very resilient and suitable for a Sea of Green it grows about 2 – 4 ft. in height and has a very piney smell to it. Flowering period – 35- 40 days (O/D Mid - Sept.)

Mighty Mite x A-3 x Big Bud Skunk

We call this one our “Mighty Big Skunk Cross!” This is for the grower who is looking for some purple colors in their garden. You will not believe how sticky and dense the buds get on this plant. She will produce dark purple buds with an aroma of hash all around. Normally this one gets up to 6ft. in height and will yield approximately ¼ - ½ lbs. per plant. Flowering period – Only Outdoor and harvest by Oct.1

Mighty Mite x Dutch Treat

Extremely tall and robust plants that are light green with orange hairs on it to make it sweeter. This beauty will produce a fruity and sweet bud that will wet anyone’s appetite for a truly cerebral type of high. Outdoors you can expect yields up to ¼ -1/2 lbs. per plant and indoors average 2 – 4 oz. and can grow up to 6 – 8 ft. in height. Flowering period – 56 days (O/D Mid-Sept.)

Mighty Mite x Super Skunk

One of our best producers for Inside and Out. Super Skunk grows very tall and the Mighty Mite adds some bushiness to is and gives it a classic and yet distinctive Skunk smell. Flowering period – 56 days (O/D mid-late Sept.)

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