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The smell is strong and the blackberry berry smell hits you in the face
as the plant grows. The veg time is short - this plant really takes off fast!!!!!.
I totaly enjoy the sweety flavor and the high, its a "mellow relaxing very clean high" its an all day smoke.

As you can see the color is quite amazing and it starts changing
mid flowering to a rose color, then to a deep purples and as it
cures up it purples the most when its totaly dry and ready to smoke.
Origins: Given to me in seed & clones from friend(s) in Northern California I was told was told later it came from somablade
* Indoor and Outdoor
* Flowering: 50 days
* Yield : Medium to Large Producer

Bubba Kush
A powerful, rather stuptifying indica with a clean, smooth, sweet hashy taste, this previously clone-only strain is the strain of choice for almost everyone who has tasted it or has had the opportunity and the means to acquire this. Now, thanks to modern genetic science and some damned fine breeding, everyone can enjoy this eagerly sought strain. Bubba Kush is a hearty short little plant that loves plenty of nutes and plenty of light, rewarding the grower with a lush dark emerald color. Bubba Kush is a good yielder, finishing indoors in 8 to 9 weeks, this resinous delicacy is guaranteed to put a grin on the face of even the most seasoned smoker and to be the star of everyone’s personal stash.
* Flowering Time : 56-60 days

Ogerskush S1
This legendary heavy-hitter spawned from the Dog the mother Ogers Kush from Los Angeles has become one of the most sought after strains and for good reason. this previously "Clone Only" strain has great medicinal value and an unmistakably lemony- piney fragrance. Regarded by many as the best Money can Buy. The Ogerskush produces a very potent long lasting high, the high is fast and complete, very euphoric and almost overwhelming at times, with that rich lemon pine flavor you just can't get enough of.It's like rock candy in your mouth and the taste last for a very long time. The Ogers Kush does well indoors and can be harvested at 2 diferent times to get 2 completely different effects. It can be harvested @ 51 days for a superior Clear Up high or harvested at 60 days for an "ogee i am too high". It also can be grown outdoors and is an excellent choice for SOG. A lot of hard work and dedication went into producing these Ogers Kush S1's so don't miss out on one of the L.A. favorite "celebs".
* Origin : USA
* Flowering Time : 51 - 60 Days

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