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Alpha 13

Our best skunk hybrid, Mixed up with a Big Bud Mom, a great Commercial strain , Alpha13 is quick to flower and produces big fat buds making for fast and effortless production great taste and a nice trippy head high .

* Thc Content: Med/High
* Buzz: Heady "way up there"
* Mix :indica/Sativa
* Flowering : 55-60 days
* Height : Short
* Outdoor Harvest: sep / week 3-4

Biggie Small

Big on production low in height. our strongest heavy handed indica forms a large single Kola and produces a sparking aray resin..a real flash back to the heavy aghani black days of the 70's, makes for potent bubblehash or oil.

* Thc Content: dance hall stylee
* Buzz: heavy hitter
* Mix :indica
* Flowering : 52-55 days
* Height : Short
* Outdoor Harvest: sept week 3-4

Chronics Revenge

Chronic's revenge was created with medicinal users in mind. a white widow crossed with a good old country indica , it makes for a for a great soaring high followed with low anxiety & deep relaxation .
Rich in Thc , the revenge is served sweet from the start. smoke it in a chalice for ultimate pain relief.

* Thc Content: High
* Buzz: indica induced
* Mix : mostly indica
* Flowering : 56-61 days
* Height : Short
* Outdoor Harvest: Oct week 1 -2


K' in German stands for Kurz, or 'short.' This may be short in height but its not lacking in fire power or Punch ! The weapon of choice for the urban toker . a mix of the deadly AK and our prized Afghani .

* Thc Content: High
* Buzz: Stoned heavy
* Mix : Mostly Indica
* Flowering : 49-55 days
* Height : Short
* Outdoor Harvest: Oct week 2

Northern lights x Big Bud

A great beginners plant , easy to grow with a low odour . The Northern lights works well with the Big Bud and give the plant a nice body buzz in a couch lock style. Growing to height of around 3ft is great for a small set up and will quickly produce Dense Frosty buds with a hashy taste .

* Mix: Mostly indica
* Buzz: Body Hit.
* Flowering 55-61 days Outside: October 21-31
* Feminised

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