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Boggy Haze

Momma is BOG LifeSaver. Daddy is Soma Amnesia Haze. Grand Daddy is G-13 x Hash Plant ALL SEEDS were purchased from C-Bay in 2001 and bred back to selected stock for personal use.
Type:50% Indica 50% Sativa which makes it 100% Good
Veg. time in these images is only 10 days (it can be longer) flowering time 60-65 days depending on your setup. Always watch the trichomes, when they start bursting then it's time.

Mind Boggle x NYCD
Great for pain management for all that ails you. She will put you in the right place and make you forget about the troubles of the world.
Type: Indica/Sativa
Flowering Time: 60-65 days.
Phenotypes: 2
Buzz Effect: A Solid Stone but not a couchlock.


Started with a G-13 X Hash Plant and crossed her with a smelly pungent Male BOG BoggleGum. I brought that generation up and again used select breeding on the lower branches of my best female crossing her with a very fast flowering potent male. These are the seeds they are very rare and a long time in the making. You can help me by supporting me and my fight against Leukemia and the side effects from the Chemo. This is my painkiller designed exclusively for Medicinal Values. Be Careful!! She hits hard and takes your breath away! It is a "One Hit Wonder " I will compare it against AK47 any day.
Type: Mostly Indica Flowering Time 60-65 days. She'll turn frosty white with resin and make you choke and only hope for one more gasp of fresh air!

Montels Pride x NYCD

AnnaC's Genetics has combined the best of both worlds again. Montels'Pride X NYCD. Sativa meets Sativa in this battle royal extreme. She is great for the thinking persons High. Musicians and Artist be inspired because this one is for you. A late night dancing romp with your partner maybe or just late night cramming for that exam. This cross will keep your vortex streamlined and focused. 15+ seeds in a Pack Flowering time 60-70 days.

Montels' Pride

Named after the Pro Medical Marijuana Activist / Medical Marijuana user Montel Williams.
Its Mother is from Serious Seeds AK47 its father is Soma's Lavender. It's Grandfather is Bog's LSD (Lifesaver & NYCD).

Indoor Veg time 10 to 30 days.
Flowering time 55-65 days.
50% Indica 50% Sativa
Germination time 8 to 14 days!!! Hard nuts to crack. 15+ per pack
I consider this my best Medical Strain yet!

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