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I've grown Burmese for over five years and it had been on the island for over seven years. Easy to grow, easy to clone and very stable. Don't veg too long to avoid height problems. The smell is amazing and very aromatic.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 8 - 10 weeks/Outdoor Middle to Late October
* Approx Yield: 100 - 130 grams per square meter
* Height: 1.6 m

Burmese x Fuckin' Incredible

Extremely flavorful and a delight to grow, this hybrid is an even better smell and smoke.

She placed 5th at the 2nd Cannabis Culture Cup and was the winner of the Tokers' Bowl 2000. Winner of the Cannabis Culture Cup 2000.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 7 - 8 weeks/Outdoor Early to Middle of September
* Approx Yield: 125 grams per square meter
* Height: 1.4 m


Don't let the name fool ya! You get more pinks and purples than gold from this 100% indica variety.

Named in recognition of the panel that returned the Gold Medal to Ross Rebagliatti.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 7 - 8 weeks
* Approx Yield: 100 -130 grams per square meter
* Height: 1 m


Dense bud upon bud rigid with resins her purple streaked stalks and leaf steams add a visual display as pleasing to your eye as her hashy, extremely intense flavor is to your taste and potent long lasting stone is to your mind and body. GSPot is a taller plant benefits from pruning to maximize this plants amazing potential... She is my personal choice of what to smoke but her extreme potency demands consideration. This is ass-kicking weed.

* Flowering Time: 7 - 9 weeks. Indoors or Out.


Named for her bud's deep colors. Originally created interbreeding North African & Afghan Indicas. This stout, medium height plant gives a very good yield with exceptional colors and hues. Multiple calyxes clustered together form dense conical shaped buds. The mites don't seem to like her much, but I do. Her scent: hint of oriental spice; her taste: candied ginger, spicy and hot; her stone: uplifting, virile and long lasting. Easy to grow, easy to please... the perfect lady.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 6 - 8 weeks

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