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Commercial Drive

This is a high end variety that gives incredible yields without sacrificing quality, appearance or smell. This strain is predominantly indica and flowers in approximately 7 weeks. It also has a pronounced side-branching growth pattern. The smell is earthy with a sweet underione. The flavour is subtle and it has a thick cigar style smoke. Commercial Drive is an excellent choice for the serious grower who doesn't want to give up quality for quantity. Suitable indoors and out.


This is a medium height, branchy variety that is mostly sativa. When growing this plant has a very recognizable fermenting citrus fruit odour. The smell definitely carries through in the flavour which leaves a wonderful, tangy taste that lingers. The effect of this strain is cerebral and can be exceedingly busy. This varity is not well suited for small plant applications and we have found that high levels of nutrients affect overall plant performance adversely. Expect an 8-9 week flowering time.


This is a potent durable sativa/indica hybrid of the highest order. This strain admirably covers everything a cannabis cultivator could want. Large yields, reasonably quick flowering time at 8 weeks and an incredibly powerful stone. The smell of this variety is sharp and fruity when growing with a sweet spicy smell when cured. The effects of this plant are exquisite and give a wonderful complete experience that relaxes the body and invigorates the mind.

Victory 2

Victory Squared is a sturdy mostly indica variety with very broad fronded leaves that have a pronounced serration. This plant is easy to grow, mite and mould resistant and very adaptable to the great outdoors. This variety has a high calyx to leaf ratio that helps to develop large and extremely dense flowers. The flavour and fragrance is spicy or hashy. This stems from the intense resin production that this plant offers. Flowering tomes are 7-9 weeks depending on the application and the personal preferences of the cultivator. The appearance of the finished product is very appealing-shimmering with large trichomes that glisten when held to the light...Smokin recommended


A strong mostly sativa variety that has the growth pattern and flowering time of a mostly indica strain. The smell and taste of this plant is tart and sour. The soaring cerebral high is what makes this strain stand out. Expect a large yield and a manageable 8 week flowering time. Another appealing aspect of this variety is that, finished, it has a lime green appearance with minimal orange pistils.

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