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Adventure Mix

lot of Sweet Tooth... Shishkeberry, Blue Domino, Big Treat, California Dream, Tropical Treat, Jack Herer, Ortega, Strawberry, M39 - all hit with a Sweet Tooth. These male plants were put around the perimeter of the last Sweet Tooth garden specifically for a lovely Adventure Mix. If you are just looking for some new mothers and aren't as concerned with pedigree, you will find a wide variety of very original plants in here
* indoor/outdoor/gh
* flowering: varies


This is a new addition to Spice of Life Seeds. The mother was selected from seed developed by one crazy yanqui. The exact origins are somewhat of a mystery. It is strong pot. The feminized mothers were fairly homogenous, although from several of the line, and another more extreme sativa. This mother had indica-like buds on a sativa sized plant. Crossed with the same SwT father as Sweet Tooth #3, I am sure you find it distinctly different from anything on the market. It should probably not even be on the market as it encourages psychosis. Not good for unstable folks! It has been known to magnify neurotic behaviour.
* Origin: Pacific North/West
* Indoor / Outdoor / GH
* Flowering: 8 weeks

Blue Satellite#2

A rare a exquisite blueberry sativa mother has been seeded with our easiest to grow, best yeilding sweet tooth male. The same pollen used to create the sweet tooth#3 has now bounced back into orbit with an ancestral cross, as the sweet tooth #1 obtained 50% of its genitics from a resinous Blueberry male.An unforgetable plant , they wil not be mistaken for anything else. All plants have purple stocks.A good yielder fininshing early oct after 8 weeks flowering


The heaviest commercial clone going around the Kootenays was going around without a name. A few plants got tossed into the room for the hell of it. It is the heaviest yielding of these four lines, although its pedigree is uncertain, it is improved upon with the Blue Satellite #2 cross.

* Flowering Time : 8-9 weeks
* Environment : Indoor
* Yield : Heavy


The "LegendsUltimate Indica" is a combination of our two most favorite indica's. This F1 hybrid was mothered by a previously unreleased Ortega plant from California. The Ortega's heavy indica traits shone through with its' tight buds and extremely stoney finish. The father, a second backcross Sweet Tooth from Spice of Life Seeds, adds the sweet and pungent flavor Breeder Steve strains are know for.
* Flowering: 8-9 weeks.

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