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Definitely the heaviest hitter in the collection with a soaring cerebral high. Bringing together multiple Cannabis Cup winners, the potency is unmatched.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 9 - 10 weeks
* Approx Yield: 60 - 90g per plant


Multiple Cannabis Cup winners. Building block for today's Super Strains. Original genetics. Heavy crystals, sweet, smooth aroma and smoke. Prolonged intense high. Short and stocky. Dr. Recommended! A favorite among the locals and one of our best selling strains.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 8 weeks
* Approx Yield: 90 - 120g per plant


This back cross is 75% NL and 25% Blueberry. The Blueberry gives this cross a more complex high, as well as a wonderful "berry" aroma. Big yielder.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 7-8 weeks/Outdoor Mid to Late Sept
* Approx Yield: 90 - 120g per plant

A very exotic variety from the hills of Nepal. Double back crossed to Northern Lights, the original seeds were obtained from a Shiva Baba who smokes for spiritual enlightenment; the seeds were gifted to me by the holy man before my departure. Full of sweet spicy flavor, the Nepal Baba is a truly sublime variety.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 9 - 11 weeks
* Approx Yield: 50 - 80g per plant

Dr. Atomic developed this strain from Shiva (an Afghani strain), along with NL and Super Crystal. Short and compact with big buds. Typical sedating Indica effect; the perfect pain killer or couch surfer bud.

* Flowering Time: Indoor 7 - 8 weeks
* Approx Yield: 70 - 100g per plant

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