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Variety developed from a strain from south-west Africa.
Exclusively Sativa, it nevertheless shows a fast flowering time and a size adapted to indoor growing. As its name –meaning “Enormous” — says it, it grows colas of an uncommon size for sativas.
Its heavy cristals and its development make it a beautiful and very fragrant plant, with an unmistakable spicy flavour. It does very well outdoor under our northen European latitudes.

* 100% Sativa
* Indoor 55-60 days
* Outdoor mid october
* Height 100-120 cm.

Bella Ciao

This strain was specifically developed for beginners.
This cross, of Northern Lights origins, shows a very fast and excessively generous blooming.
With its regular foliage, its medium size and its large flowers, this plant is magnificent and rewarding.
Very easy to grow, not very demanding, adapted to all kinds of grow styles, it must yet be taken seriously, as it could surprise more than a few experienced growers.

* Mostly Indica
* Indoor 50-55 days
* Outdoor Beg October
* Height 100-120 cm

Green Devil

Cross between our Bambata and our Shulam. These two parents make this African sorceress an exceptional strain.
It has inherited the best traits of its parents. Sativa for the buds and indica for the size and the quick flowering.
Its aromas progress through different stages, from spicy to sweet, finishing with a heavy citrus touch. This explosion of aromas comes with a diabolic cristallisation, that’ll soon make it a reference among connaisseurs.

* 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
* Indoor 55-60 days
* Height 100-120 cm

Shanti Devil

Cross of Afghan origin, slightly more fruity than a classic Afghani. This small sized plant, very dense, very soon produces many branches and very broad leaves. It shows a heavy crystallisation and a powerful fragrance, even in veg. With its large and very compact flowers, this strain is ideal for direct flowering from cuts. Its small size makes it very convenient in small spaces. A rebirth of Shiva that’ll be pleasing for the convinced amateur and for the first time discoverer alike.

* 100% Indica.
* Indoor Flowering Period 50-55 days.
* Outdoor - mid to end of October.
* Height 75-100 cm.


This strain, is our special favourite.
A very successful mix of spicy/fruity aromas. Its size and its growth make it ideal for the indoor grower.
With its short flowering time, it can also be grown outdoors.
Your efforts will be rewarded with the tolerance and the heavy cristals of this plant. All these advantages make this strain an absolute must.

* 75% Indica and 25% Sativa

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