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AK-47 x Bubbleberry

This strain produces a very fruity smelling plant that is very mold resistant. It does excellent outdoors, but will do even better indoors. It has a great happy high. Excellent med pot.

* Indoor/Outdoor
* Flower: 8 weeks
* Height: 4'

AK-47 x Northern White

Ak 47 x Northern White is a very bushy, mold resistant that is very easy to grow. She produces huge beer can size resinous buds that exube a sweet smell and a earthy fullbodied taste. The high is similar to ak but a more intense heavy hitter. Expect a huge yield from this f1 cross.

* Indoor/Outdoor
* Flower: 7-8wks indoors, end of Sept outdoors.
* Yield: 250-300 gms.
* Height: 5-6 ft.

Bubblegum F2

I can't resist the sweet candy smell of these very stable Bubblegums(SS).The offspring all look identical,strong stems with excellent vigour.The pollen donor was an extremely candy smelling,close node male that was also very vigourou.She produces a strong euphoric high that,like the fragrance has a sweet taste that lasts for hours,party on. This is an indoor plant,matures in 55-65 days,has huge buds so keep the air flowin in final stages.

* Indoor/Outdoor

Cream Sodica

Cream Sodica is a great outdoor plant, extremely mold resistant, tight beautiful violet buds that smells of grape/currants. I have been growing this for a few years now and its always in my garden. It smokes very smooth and tasty. This is a wonderful day weed and also has great bag appeal. There are 2 different phenos, green and purple with the green being a little more potent. So if your looking for something with colour, superb smell and taste as well as ease of growth even in low light areas this is for you.

* Indoor/Outdoor
* Harvest: Sept 1-15th
* Yield: Medium

Cream Sodica x Peak 19/AK-47

I used a few purple/green Cream Sodica females and crossed them with my 1947. The idea here was to add some punch to the great tasting, eye appealing Cream Sodica. These are outdoor plants that have extreme vigor and excellent mold resistance. They will mature in 7-8 weeks.

* Indoor/Outdoor
* Flower: 7-8 weeks

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