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Afghani #1 X White Widow
Sativa is emphasized, Indica is prominent Buds resemble rock hard nuggets. GREAT ONE!

* Indoor
* Flower: 50-60 days
* Height: 3-5 ft
* Yield: up to 100-120 grams

An excellent green variety. Although the breeder will not reveal the genetic makeup, he did stress the Bubblegum! Good results indoor & outdoor. Expect above average yields.

* Indoor/Outdoor
* Flower: 55-60 days
* Height: 5-6'
* Yield: Above Average
* Harvest outdoors: Sept. 15th

Gooey Widow

Lemon Joy
This variety resembles Lemon Kush. It is a cross between a good Sativa and a stable Indica. Heavy feeder, fertilize often and well.

* Indoor/Outdoor

Original Snow White

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