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Almighty Mix

This is a great starter pack and a great deal. Our mix contains Lionheart crossed with many great strains containing interesting and prerelease genetics where we can't sell the seeds but they are too great to throw away! There are definitely many original gems in there!

* Indoor flowering time: 7-11 weeks
* Outdoor harvest month: Mid September to end October
* Yield: Medium-Good
* THC: High
* Male/Female Ratio: 50 % female seeds

B52 Bomber

This heavy hitting chronic will send you to the moon. The B-52 Bombers name describes the effects felt after smoking this special variety. We have combined the extreme White Widow with the enticing Lionheart! Looks like cotton candy, coated with sticky golden resin!

* Indoor flowering time: 8-10 weeks
* Outdoor harvest month: Mid to end October
* Yield: High
* THC: Higher
* Male/Female Ratio: 65 % female seeds


This unique 3 way hybrid combines two of the finest aromatically pleasing Canadian strains Grapefruit and Friesland with a great old school humbolt that has one of the most satisfying, full body highs that can be experienced. The result will truly amaze you. Extreme resin production, huge buds and huge flowers (or calyx’s ) that fold over and into each other and a very intense
aroma make Calyxxx a favorite.

* Indoor flowering time: 8-10 weeks
* Outdoor harvest month: End of October
* Yield: High
* THC: Higher
* Male/Female Ratio: 55 % female seeds

Cash Cow

Cash Cow is the fat sister to Almighty's Royal Empress, not quite as refined as the Empress but it more than makes up for it in weight.

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb is the ultimate cross between two of the most potent yet uplifting strains out there. Big healthy seeds quickly grow into 6 foot trees with thick stems. Cherry Bomb produces huge sticky buds of medium density, and main colas can easily grow 2 or more feet. The Lionheart mother used in this cross is the biggest and most fragrant ever seen. The Sage father was chosen by selecting the males with the thickest flower growth then smoking the pollen sacks to determine the most potent male! If you love monster buds and uplifting smoke then Cherry Bomb is for you!

* Indoor flowering time: 9-11 weeks
* Outdoor harvest month: November
* Yield: High
* THC: Higher
* Male/Female Ratio: 60 % female seeds

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