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Basic Diesel

An exceptional Sour Diesel hybrid. A combination of Sour Diesel and the SSSC's classic Skunk #1/B5. Old school meets New to outclass anything on the block. Yields will be MASSIVE and the best keeper moms will REEK of Sour Diesel, and finish in about sixty-five daze.

* Heirloom: SSSC Skunk #1/Basic Diesel x ECSD

Bottle Rocket

Created from BCGA Killer Queen X Grimm's Durban/Thai~C99 (DTC99) When Cinderella 99,Airborne's G13 and the Super Sativa Seed Club's Durban Thai Highflyer get in a three-way you know there's gonna' be some awe-inspiring mothers! These will be crystal-covered,golden girls that will make your friends drool with envy,even if they can't remember the pedigree after a bong hit!

* Flowering Time : 55 days
* Environment : Indoor,GreenHouse

Chemdog IX-III

Chemdog,line-bred into itself. Painstakingly selected,very,very refined,superior Chemdog genetics.

* Flowering Time : 65 Days
* Environment : Indoor/Outdoor


Two absolute Classics meet up in an indica that's absolutely World-Class.
To be entered in the 2005 High Times cannabis Cup, indica division.

* Heirloom: Skunk#1/Basic5 x William's Wonder
* Flowertime of 60 days, and watch out for The Skunk!

Killer Apollo

An oxymoron, you say? Not quite. True, the ancient Greeks worshipped Apollo for his wisdom and influence in matters of art, prophesy and healing. But despite the renown of his gentle nature, Apollo is also recognized as an averter of evil; as such, he possessed a reasoned ability to apply his mighty rough & tumble side to accommodate the greater good.

Considering that context, the botanical marriage of Apollo 13 with BCGA's aptly named "Killer Queen" doesn't seem so odd. Although it's counterintuitive to experienced lovers of the herb, Killer Apollo's dense, glistening trichomes represent his reasoned sensibilities. But even Apollo had his limits, and you'll likely discover your own limitations after a hit or two of this timeless psychological thriller. True to Apollo's love of beauty in all things, this monolithic hybrid flowers in fifty-five days. And if that isn't beautiful, what is?

* Flowering: 55 days

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