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Our first Afghan is from the first generation of this variety. You can recognize it by its big and dark Indica leaves and its strong aroma, strurdy stems and high yield. A first choice for Indica experts. Afghani#1 was the second place winner in the High Times Harvest Fest ’94 in the category. A must for outdoor producers. Produce extremely well in Quebec.

* Height at 100 days : 42 to 60 inches
* Flowering period : 45 days
* Weight at 100 days: up to 125 grams

Big Freeze

This plant from Quebec and each good producer know this variety in the Montéregie. An absolute must for beginners or experts. Expect big yield from this one, with an extremely rich sweet aroma.

* Genetics: Big Bud#1 - Freeze Land
* Height at 100 days : 54 to 72 inches
* Flowering period : 40 to 50 days
* Weight at 100 days: up to 400 grams

Big Qué Bud

One of our most popular variety. A plant for professional cash croppers. Even experimented growers continue to be amazed and come back to fill their gardens with these heavy ladies. It is advisable to tie up the bottom branches as they have a tendency to break due to their excessive weight.

* Genetics: Quebec
* Height at 100 days : 60 to 72 inches
* Flowering period : 50 to 60 days
* Weight at 100 days: 150 to 400 grams

Big Rooster

The best genitor for the year 1998. A must for every good producer. A plant that gave a lot of possibilities and good result in cloning. A classic from Sensi Big Bud and Red Rooster. Expect big yields from this one, with an exceptionally rich sweet aroma.

* Height at 100 days : 60 to 80 inches
* Flowering period : 50 to 60 days
* Weight at 100 days: 100 to 300 grams

Big Sensi Skunk

Big Sensi Skunk was sent to Quebec from Amsterdam from Pure Sensi Skunk and Big Bud. That gave a though plant with solid top and strong taste and aroma. An absolute must for good ‘connoisseurs’. You can almost throw those scissors away as very little manicure is required. If this wasn’t enough, this hybrid also works superbly outdoors as well.

* Height at 100 days : 54 to 84 inches
* Flowering period : 45 to 55 days
* Weight at 100 days: up to 200 grams

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