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Brenda's Skunk x NL

Bred in California, this 60/40 Indica/Sativa grows like a light green Christmas tree with some purpling in the fall. She has a sweet skunky smell and flavor and becomes very sticky later on in flowering.

* Grow Location: Indoor/Outdoor
* Flowering: Indoor 8-10 weeks; Outdoor Sept 10-15
* Height: 5 ft
* Yield: 3/4 lb

Dutch Treat

Almost 80% Indica. Dutch Treat is one of our favorites. It grows dark green, lots of branches and very large tops. The buds are solid and very sticky. It has a sweet fruit smell and an orangy flavor. A nice up high.

* Grow Location: Indoor/Outdoor
* Flowering: Indoor 6-8 weeks; Outdoor Sept 5-15
* Height: 4-5 ft
* Yield: 1/4 - 1/2 lb

Dutch Treat x Hash Plant
Dutch Treat x Hashplant is mostly Indica. This plant produces long thick buds with a sharp fruity aroma. A heavy resin producer with frosty buds gives a strong clear headed high.

* Grow Location: Indoor / Outdoor
* Flowering: 6 - 8 weeks / Late September
* Yield: A quarter to a half an oz per plant

Dutch Treat x Northern Lights

Dutch Treat is the mother side of this cross. A 70% indica, she's a strong, dark pot with sticky solid tops, a sweetly orange bite and a stimulant stone. The father, Northern Lights, is a potent, relaxing indica, prized by hybrid breeders for its stability and fast cycle. Thus the DT/NL cross appeals to indica fans and pragmatic gardeners. Even in its home region, the rainy coasts of British Columbia, DT x NL is productive and hardy. Once established, this plant's rapid growth can be easily seen from one day to the next. DT x NL leaves are usually thin, and may turn purplish at ripening. Branches are bendy and may need to be tied up as the heavy buds can pull them down. Still, multi-branch plants are good yielders , producing many large, resinous tops. Dutch Treat x Northern Lights equals a potent and fairly alert indica high. The stone comes on quite slowly but strengthens to a full-on buzz that most people find functional when there is no heavy thinking required. However, this variety may also creep up to a couch-lock level, requiring a little time-out to recover a more social and functional state of mind. It can be a great aid to getting some restful time. DT x NL retains the fruity savor of its mother, with a distinct lean toward the citrus.

* Grow Location: Indoor/Outdoor
* Flowering: Indoor 6-8 weeks; Outdoor early Sept
* Height: 4-6 ft
* Yield: Indoor 2 oz. per plant / Outdoor approx 5oz. pr plant

Purple Skunk x Dutch Treat
Mostly Indica. Very bushy, lush growing plant with heavy buds, strong skunky smell and flavor. Pink hairs and purple leaves often show later in flowering.

* Grow Location: Indoor/Outdoor
* Flowering: Indoor 6-8 weeks

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