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(The 3rd Dimension) Aka 3d This amazing three way was created during the pollination of Jacks Cleaner 2 and even though that was my focus this cross really has me interested. A-13 is a known dominant mother plant and as you know I created JTR mainly as a breeding pool for JC2 so now we have a male thatís better than the JCB father as far as potency and stability are concerned.

If you never worked with another male Space Dude would be the only one you needed. We took it a step further and worked him with the F1 JC mom to create JTR and from that we choose a SQ dominant male. Everyone I talk to agrees this is going to make history.

Medium Yielding Hybrid with strong speedy buzz

* Genetics: A-13 X (JC X SQ) JTR

Agent Orange

This is the first cross that Jill and I have worked on together crossing our two lines by using our now selected JTR male to add some punch and Lemon to this overly orange strain. It has long been on the list of projects to combine JC and an orange strain, it has actually been done but it a different way. Juan Moore actually selfed the JC mom and pollinated a small bud of Cali O.

This experiment produced an amazing smelling strain he called 7-up, although I have never had the chance to try it I fell in love with the idea. We however took no short cuts and actually out crossed the female JC in order to produce a male breeding pool.

Crossing of two lines expect variation leaning to both sides with the desired female having the most JC attributes.
picture is of one of the parents OV.

* Genetics: Orange Velvet X (JC x SQ) JTR


This strain was created after the success of Dannyboy aka Killer Taco. The Ortega X C99 male really added speed and flavour to the Killer queen so the next natural cross would be A-13. Speed and flavour with devastating potency, Badboy of Team Avenger named this new cross Astroboy. The Apollo-13 Is legendary and the Taco male has proven his worthiness. "Apollo 13 is a cross between Genius and P75 (a presursor to C99). Sativa-dominant hybrid. Flowering time is 50-55 days of 12/12. VERY resinous buds with a high flower/leaf ratio. Smoke is lemon flavoured and the high is clear, cerebral & energy-inducing. You're lucky Bklyn, only 500 Apollo 13 seeds were ever made & the growers who got them are practically a "cult"... they RAVE about it!" MrSoul

* Apollo-13 X Ortega C99

Big Foot

This strain is well known up north due to a grower named Krusty showing off some torso sized colas in a thread on OG years ago. Legendary for HUGE yields I was never impressed with her finished smell so we have worked the new Sour fruit smelling Grimm male into her Massive genetics. I have seen soccer ball sized buds off the mother plant and was extremely excited when badboy secured the clone from friends. This make up is from the largest female I have ever seen in DWC. It will also grow well with another slightly smaller female named Bush hash used in the next cross.

Large colas does well in DWC and will produce giant bushes if topped and vegged properly.
I have seen 300 gram harvest with Bigbud.

* Genetics: Big Bud X Grimm male

Black Cherry

Ultimate Cherry Dannyboy pheno meets the luscious Black Russian for one incredible black cherry infusion. The CherryAK and fruit of the Blackberry melt with the cherry selected Dannyboy goddess. Expect heavy potent fruit aromas and a nice 50 finish. Stray blackberry purple and pink coloring will occur but is not a dominant factor and don't forget the how pretty the Dannyboy is either. The eye candy is well balanced with potency.

* Genetics: AirbG13 x C99 X Ort x C99 X Blkberry x CherryAk
* Flower Time is 50-55 days in Organic Soil
* Type: Indica /Sativa: 20/80
* Yield: Average to higher
* Medium height with a average flower period stretch
* Phenotypes: vary fruit to fruit with general cherry berry kick
* Taste: Very Smooth and sweet resin provide just that, smooth very sweet and good to the very end.

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