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Desert Queen

No Mercy proudly presents a crossing between a sudden death # master ice and an everest queen # WK
we call her : Desert Queen !
Fast, strong, lot of weight, a deep high, soft spicey, though sweet taste.
Many good genetics have been gathered in one plant.
Not to be smoked during daytimes.

Double Fun

Citral had been added in 1993 as a clone and as seed to the library of the Positronics Sinsemilla Fanclub. This happened with the original variety and can not be compared with the citral that appeared later on the market.
At first the plant was very popular for indoor uses, until it was discovered that the plant was also very useable for outdoor growing. An early-flowering Dr. Weed man was crossbreeded with a Citral female plant, which had been selected from seeds.
The resulting seeds were breeded with original Citral mother-clones, until a new species was breeded that was stable and fungi-resistant.
Double fun gives a strong psychoactive product that shall also always work with daily uses and that shall never bore you!

A highly stable variety, very well suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing.
* Type: Sativa/Indica 25/75%
* Looks: fat buds with white hairs
* Smell: specific, lemon-like smell
* Taste: sweet, friendly and authentic
* Yield outdoors: 250-500 gram
* Yield indoors: 350-500 gram/m2
* Flowertime indoors: 60 days
* Harvest time outdoors: beginning of october
* Growth traits: frost- and fungi-resistant
* Effect traits: strong, psychoactive

Everest Queen

K-2 crossed with a Shiva # Special.
The mother of all No Mercy Supply female seed.
It was the mother from this plants that was pure XX.
A fast, strong and very good outdoor plant.
For indoor you need minimum 80-90 cm space between the plants and the lights.
* Flowering: Maximum 8-9 weeks
* Taste : strongly like a herb
* Effect : more high as stoned

Ice Queen

The Valley Queen is by far the strongest plant we encountered in years! It's an Everest Queen which we crossed with a Silver Pearl ...

The Master Ice has become a famous one. It's an extremely fast-growing plant, that is not sensitive to moulds and does produce very, very much resin...
(For the insiders: Mind Bender x Northern Light Xtra.)
Absolutely a top-quality weed ... No paranoia, no stress ... Just an honest high.
About 8 weeks of flowering... and you're done!

A little bit more fertilizing in respect to the common species is necessary!

K2 Special

(K2 # Mexican Haze x Victory)
The trippy effect of the K2 mixed with the Mexican Haze and the Victory will give you the surprise of your mental Cannabis life.

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